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Make Your Site Sell Review

October 10, 2009

Make Your Site Sell Review – An program by Ken Evoy.

I know. I know! If this site is about becoming a profitable internet marketing women, why am I doing a review of some ego-driven guru man’s site? Listen and learn my sitas. I inform you of why you should not to invest in Make Your Site Sell.

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Sistas are about change the affiliate marketing game.

January 10, 2008

That’s right I said it. And I believe it’s true. Sistas are about to change the internet marketing and affiliate marketing game in 2008.

Affiliate marketing and internet marketing is dominated by men. My wish is to change that.

Join me as I seek out tips, tricks and secrets of the sistas that have made it.

Join me as I get on the nerves of the male egos on the net.

Join me ast I do my nails, while simultaneously make money from home.

It’s about to go down.

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