What The Heck Is A Keyword

Okay ladies, I’ve been asked the question: what is a keyword? Here’s your short answer:

photo by nightstar

A keyword is a word or phrase that people use when searching for something in particular. Here’s an example:

A person turns on the computer because they need to find out where they can get the latest greatest Gucci bag. They absolutely have to have it. They saw the bag on “Sex In The City” last night. So they fire up google and enter the word “Gucci bag.” That word is the keyword. It’s what we want more information on.


Okay, so google or yahoo provides us a list of websites that have that word optimized on their page and the search continues. Ohhh Boy! Now what? After clicking several of the links on the results page, we can’t find the damn bag. What do we do next?

We shoot back over to google and enter this entire phrase “Gucci bag + Sex in the City.” That entire phrase is considered a keyword. You may have also heard the phrase “long tail keywords.” In a nutshell, that’s exactly what you’ve got there. A long phrase that we searched for.

What do you suppose your favorite search engine will do? It will search the entire web world for for sites that have those phrases on the same page. When your lists of sites arrive, you should most certainly have found the bag. If you didn’t, then write to your local congressman and let them know because that would be a darn shame 🙂

I hope this helps.