Deciphering The Secret…..It’s No Big Mystery

I watched the movie. Did you? If not, you really should. Whether you are rich or poor, single or married, skinny or fat, there’s bound to be something else you desire in life. You can use the law of attraction to get it.Over the course of my life I have heard little snippets of information on this topic of attracting abundance. The law of attraction is not new. I believe it was Oprah who kicked open the marketing doors and led to this mass hysteria of individuals seeking to use their minds to get what the want. However, we were always thinking it. At least I was. Rhonda Byrne stole my idea.

I always knew that there was a force greater than ourselves. I can feel the energy waves jumping off of people I come in contact with (don’t get spooked :).

Didn’t your mom tell you that if you prayed hard enough you that your dreams would come true. Using the law of attraction is very similar to this practice. It’s metaphysics. People have been studying this for years. However, The Secret goes quite a bit deeper into the theory that you can attract what you want. But first you must know what you want and put your mind in a state comparable to how you would feel if you already have what you wanted.

7 Free Lessons fro the Teachers of The Secret

Today, millions of people are reading it. The latest self-help sensation claims we can change our lives by thinking. We can. I challenge you to decide today to get “The Secret”. Get the book. Get the Movie. Get the transcript. Just get the secret and begin implementing.

Don’t think that it is easy. What I found is that it is quite difficult to be conscious at all times. In interviewing my friends and family I’ve learned that some folks like their miserable existence. The are afraid of change. They don’t, and will never, believe that they deserve and abundance of health and wealth. Most people I talk to are unhappy with their jobs, relationships and bank accounts.

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. In my opinion, you should be aware that the The Secret doesn’t really make clear – being poor is a state of mind. I know folks who are dirt poor and they are the richest people I know. While I know others who are making what they feel is a “good salary” who are as miserable and unlucky as they come. What do you think?
Do You Believe

However, if you only believe that you can get that dream job, or score that perfect parter, or drive that fancy car or whatever it is you wish – you can.

I believe you can manifest destiny and I invite you to take a journey with me. Together we will manifest destiny in many ways. From the simple things in life like finding a parking space to the more grandeur like becoming a self-made millionaire, I believe we can. Do You??

There is no secret

7 Free Lessons fro the Teachers of The SecretI was reading the New Testament today and the message of The Secret appeared. “How a man is, is how he thinks.” “Well,” I thought to myself. The Secret is not new. Just as I suspected. Although there are no mentions of the bible in the secret movie, it is my belief that Rhonda Byrne had to have read the bible. She absolutely must have!

There is no secret! However, I believe that one must believe in order to achieve. When I was in the police academy my sergeant use to say “If the mind can perceive it, the body can achieve it.” He was right……. We had to be up at 4am, clean the barracks and the restrooms and be outside ready for drill at 5am. Then we proceeded to run 4-5 miles through the beach, mud and whatever else they felt like running us through that morning. It was horrible. I prayed many nights and wanted to quit at times. Then it rang true to me that this was what I wanted. This is what I quit my corporate job for. It hit me like a ton of bricks one day. After I realized that this is what I wanted, I ran and ran and ran and became one of the fittest officers in my squad.

Now I’m not saying that prayer didn’t help. I am blessed. I have no doubt about that. What I am saying is that there is no Secret. If you want something bad enough, work at achieving it. It won’t manifest itself. It will not pop out of thin air. Let’s be serious ladies. If getting a new job is what you want, you have to start searching for one. If better health is what you desire, stop smoking cigarettes! I hope you get the drift.

The law of attraction is such that you have to work at obtaining what it is you want. You can have what it is you desire. You deserve it.

In addition, the law of attraction is such that you have to appreciate what you already have. Know that you are blessed.

I have family members in Trinidad who are dirt poor (seriously) – especially according to American standards. However, they make it their business to reach out to the community and help others in the same boat. My aunt has what she calls a “Thanksgiving” six times a year, which very similar to our Thanksgiving holiday. Although she has very little money and resides in one of the poorest neighborhoods, she never misses an opportunity to help others. She is not poor. She knows the secret. She is the secret.

Do something nice for somebody today and don’t expect anything in return. I mean it. It doesn’t have to be writing a six-digit check. It can be a simple as holding the door for an elderly person, listening to a friend in need or yelling at the neighbor’s kid to get out the street. Begin to give back in simple ways. Pay it forward. Use your intelligence to enlighten someone else. That is the secret. At least it’s one of my secrets. What’s one of your’s?

Visualization..Or shall we say meditation.

I was going through my library yesterday and browsing the titles of all the books I have in my collection.

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Something popped out of the library and struck me in the head. Meditation, or shall we say visualization. These two words seem to co-exist when it comes to metaphysics, or shall we say, the law of attraction.

All, not some, but all of the books that I have read on the law of attraction and metaphysics, say the same thing about using your mind to get what you want – “You must visualize what you want.” It struck me like in the head like a can of paint. They all say the same thing. Even Napoleon Hill said it. To attract what you want in life you have to know exactly what you want and visualize it.

With that said, I’d like to note that this is not an easy task. I mean, knowing what you want is quite simple. However, visualization and/or meditation takes some serious effort. I remember reading a book on the law of attraction that instructed me to set aside some quiet time every morning to sit down, close my eyes and visualize the life I would like to have. I also remember an internet marketing guru giving me this as a task to complete.

The instructions are simple. Set aside at least ten minutes every morning upon rising, close my eyes and see (even feel) the life I would like to have; I mean visualize everything in detail. In the movie “The Secret” Joe Vitale instructs to do the same. He even said that we should try to hear the sounds and capture the feelings we would have if we indeed had that “thing” we wanted.

If this isn’t meditation, then what is? I challenge you.

See if you can set aside ten minutes every morning of your life to meditate and/or visualize what it is you desire. Close your eyes and see it. Everyday. Don’t skip a day. Let me know exactly how many days you were able to complete this simple task. This is imperative in terms of law of attraction. Do it for at least a week. Once you do report back to me at let me know how many days you forgot to do it. Like I said, the task of meditating and/or visualizing is not the difficult part. It’s remembering to do it that becomes complicated.

I built a squidoo page on the subject. I invite you to join my challenge @

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