10 Ways to Increase Traffic without Spamming. Interesting Things to Know

When attempting to increase the traffic to a website webmasters and bloggers that are new to marketing online usually will do anything to increase traffic. The problem is when they hit the webmaster forums and begin reading articles on how to increase traffic backlinks tend to be the hot topic. If you are a new webmaster and want to begin building backlinks towards your website make sure to understand the difference between building a quality backlinks and placing your backlink where it will be considered spam. Before I share with you the way to increase your backlinks and therefore increase the ranking in Google’s index make sure to not go to these areas and begin placing your link without first reading the guidelines for advertising.

what the heck is social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the process of using social sites such as digg, facebook and technorati to share, organize, search,  and store the bookmarks of different website pages. In addition, internet users, such as yourself, have a plethora of saving options; you can save your favorite website bookmarks by date, by category, by keyword, by search engine or even chronologically.