Quit Procrastination Now

photo credit: chris.corwinLast

It has come to my attention that many women are trying to quit procrastination and get the things done that they know they need to do for themselves. Women wear so many hats and some of us have this notion that all the hats we wear must be the right size and right fit. This is my quest to help you overcome this common habit.

Let me start out by pointing out that there must be a reason you are procrastinating. In my readings I’ve found that the causes of this behavior is often one of several things: a fear of failure, not having a clear vision and/or not being organized.

I say you can quit procrastination like you can quit that lame ass excuse for a man your dating.  Now, while both of these situations can lead to self-sabotage, I certainly understand that they are not that easy to overcome. However, I bet my hard earned money that you can learn to make both of them a thing of the past.

Here are tips to get you started:

  • Change your mind set. Start immediately to think positively and realistically.  Look for and find whatever it is that motivates you and put it to use. Talk to yourself out loud (positive self-talk) about what it is you want to accomplish.
  • Have a clear and concise vision. Take some time to think about goals and desires and make certain that they are achievable and very very clear.
  • Break your goals down into bits of smaller more attainable goals. Don’t allow your goal setting to overwhelm you. Be realistic about how much time you need to achieve your goals.
  • Write it down. Purchase, buy or borrow a legal pad, note book, diary or any thing else you can write into and jot down every single thing you need to do. I mean everything.  I prefer to do this task at night right before bed. However, you can choose to do it in the morning as you rise.  Whatever time you choose to do it, do it.
  • Cross-Out Method. This is the method of crossing out everything that you have totally gotten completed. For example, let say you had jotted down six things on your to-do list last night. Well, before you start your next list, you should cross out each task that you have successfully accomplished. If there are things on the list that you haven’t completed, put it on the top of your list for tomorrow.

If you think you have a medical condition, then please seek professional help. Some women may need therapy while others may just require self help tactics like the ones I’ve listed above.

The above tips are guaranteed to help you overcome and quit procrastination. Once you learn how to take charge of your life and quit procrastination, you will persevere. Women in business can’t afford to not overcome this habit.