My Mom Was Diagnosed

It is with much dismay that I write to inform you that my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The frustrating thing is that we have been trying to get her to take a colonoscopy for over a year. I will keep you informed of her progress. Please pray for her. Her name is Diane.

Because of this unfortunate event I will shy away from posting until she recovers from surgery.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

**Update. Surgery went well. Doctors don’t think the cancer has spread too much.

**Update. Mom needs chemotherapy. Ohhhh brother. This is very scary indeed.

**Update. Went to oncologist who informed us that she will have to get a device implanted in her chest. Then have the chemo inserted into the device every two weeks for the next six months. It’s gonna be a long ride.

**Update. Mom is considering not doing the chemo. This situation is really testing my faith. I’ll keep you posted. She did the Cat-scan today of the abdomen and pelvis area to see make sure cancer has not spead to other organs. I will keep you posted.

***Update. Mom is going for her last chemo treatment. The chemo was not that hard on her and she did very well. However, she has just been diagnosed with bleeding retina’s, so we are scheduling laser eye surgery. Pray for her…. 08/27/08