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WordPress plugin heaven!

November 12, 2009

This post is for all the php folks (mostly men) working hard out there to develop all the wordpress plugins that I used to build my site :)

I am not quite sure what inspires you but whatever it is Deb George wants to let you know that you are “priceless.” These folks help to keep a sista’s business in order.

They help to organize, update, analyse and keep fresh your wordpress blog, which is what this site is (a wordpress site). They are also, for the most part, readily available to answer questions, if a sista working from home needs a bit help with getting it to work right. I can’t thank you enough. I can drop a 5 in your paypal account, however, that would not even suffice.

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What The Heck Is PHP?

June 16, 2008

PHP is also known as Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open source (free), server-side (meaning run from your server), scripting language that is used to create web pages.The site you are reading right now is made up of this language. If you’ve every visited a site that ends with “.php”, then you come across it. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. With PHP, you can embed HTML right into a PHP script. You can basically use PHP to build your entire website, graphics included and embed your HTML right into the darn thing.

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