Thee Money Making Blueprint

Most of us have built a niche website at some point – a small content based website which includes AdSense and / or affiliate links to make money online.

Most of us also never took the “model” very seriously at all, thinking that there’s no way on earth people are getting rich doing this.

Well, there are folks that have taken this model seriously and are making some serious money at it.

The two guys who brought us BANS (or Build A Niche Store) have spent the past 6 months or so pouring their knowledge of making money with niche websites, into the 9 step guide that they call:

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

N1WAY as it’s often referred is, in a nutshell, a 118 page blueprint for making money on the internet.

While supporting thousands of users of Build A Niche Store, and also through the process of building 100’s of their own niche affiliate websites, these guys have over 4 years in “working” experience, and are cleaning up!

Now, wildly enough, you can know what they know for under 25 bucks.

A small price to pay for a “way” that’s enabled them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past few years.

With the N1WAY Method we identify “consumer search markets” to which we then target, serve and make money from by developing tiny content driven affiliate sites, often (but not necessarily) promoting eBay auctions.

Here are the steps that are covered in the guide:

Step 1: Learn to pick a market
Step 2: Create a website development strategy while researching the market further
Step 3: Learn to create valuable unique content quickly
Step 4: Step 4 goes into creating the website with using either WordPress with phpBay or BANS
Step 5: Shows you quick and simple ways to market your website on the Internet
Step 6: Shows you how to manage your website with a focus on minimizing the maintenance needs
Step 7: Goes through quick methods to replicate this process to create a network of websites
Step 8: Learn how to free up your time by outsourcing some of the more tedious projects and finding people that are begging to do them dirt cheap
Step 9: Finally, the path to building 7 figure ($1,000,000) networks is laid out for you

If you want to know how to “do” niche websites properly check this one out:

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

Sell products online through Affiliate Marketing Strategies and Commission Ritual

Do you want to sell online products?It is actually not all that difficult to get started selling products online.If you want to sell products online it is not necessary that you produce or build up your own products.Affiliate marketing is one way where others online products are sold by you.In affiliate marketing, you are the middleman between a buyer and a seller.Your job is to pre-sell products and delivers warm buyers to the end seller’s home page.

With Commission Ritual, learn how you can sell online products using Affiliate marketing strategies.

Everybody is not expert at pre-selling.You sometimes think that you just have to sell the product in any way and this is due to the ongoing advertisements that appear online.You may be good at offering satisfactory experience of those who have used your products and then recommendation them to the visitors who have arrive at your site.For instance, if you want to sell an ebook on planning a wedding on a budget, you could create a blog about your own wedding.Things like problems caused due to mother in law interfering in some things or getting onto a diet to fit inside the wedding attire and also the cancellation of the caterer can be included in the Blog that you write.Don’t forget to praise about the ebook that has helped you plan your wedding budget on timely basis.

Also mention the link of the ebook along with your affiliate code.Free report in place of the visitor’s email address is another technique of prior selling your products.The report can include five or more than five products.But, once you have their email, you can continue to promote products.There are two ways to do this.One is to offer a series of emails offering useful advice and have an inconspicuous link to an affiliate product at the end of the email.The second method is that you send regular advertisements to them.Besides selling, there are other things to consider in email marketing.

You have to continually deliver good value to the customer.If you want to sell online products, the opportunities for the type of products available abound.

* Important networks like linkshare, commission junction, and sharesale are some of the options to find physical products and you can find digital products on clickbank.

* Going to large stores like walart and Amazon that offer variety of products to promote and setting up an account with them is one more way.

A final strategy is to type in your keyword plus the phrase “affiliate product” into a search engine.For instance, a search of “Debt Relief” + “Affiliate Program” turns up more than 90,000 results.Many of these are affiliate programs in the debt relief niche.What are waiting for adopt affiliate marketing strategies and sell online products today.

Internet Dream: Make Dollars With Delta Squadron

It’s been our natural final goal in life to make happy people who are critical in our lives. We even commute and work 8, ten, twelve hours a day just to make certain we will be in a position to meet all of their economic wants. Sadly but true, as an effect, we cannot spend quality time with these people. However, many of us failed to have the data to start a home run firm.

What products to sell? How, where, and when to get them? The first step is to find out what folks are doing on the web. Millions of folk browse the web each minute for two major reasons, check their email messages and find information, selling digital instructional products is a total simple and bonafide way to start a cottage business and earn significant earnings. But many folks are too busy and talent to write and create an educational product. Why not try resell right products? What’s Resell Rights Products? Resell rights products are the latest products to sell online at this time. Imagine having a business where we don’t have to form our own products. What if we had folks make killer software or write a top selling book for us? We would not be contemplating selling other products, we? These are the largest advantages of selling resell rights products which will save us a lot of money and time we have your own products This is the idea of selling resell rights products. We are given products to sell with. All we need to do is plug in our company’s name ( and our names as the head honcho, owner, etc ). We don’t have to make a domain If I was selling a new Hummer H2 for $500 in my yard, it’d be sold in seconds, literally. However, try and sell the same SUV for $50 online without a Net site. Bottom line is, site is the key to sell anything on the web. Not every person can make a selling internet site. Luckily, nearly all resell right products come with ready-to-take order website so you don’t have to draft a single HTML code to make a domain.

Delta Squadron is probably for you if you don’t want to spend time in the technical aspects of your online business.

With these advantages in hands, we all of a unexpected have our best-selling products to sell and a domain to bump them. Guess what? The fun does not stop there! Just like other high tech inventions, a site can be automated from a click of a button. Supplied with these tools, this business is the simplest way to earn income online, would you not agree? Many people, truly, are making heavy money online using this strategy. Remember, we are selling virtual products where purchasers can have immediate access to the products.

This what makes e-books and software are giant winners over physical products. This business costs literally nothing compared to other web companies. However, the turn over are great since we are going to keep one hundred % of profits from selling resell rights products.

Want more tips? Look at this SEO Tips website.

Internet Marketing Women Speaking Up

Internet Marketing Women Are About To Speak Up!

Ladies, you should be listening! That’s right. I have been working my butt off trying hard and long to make this happen for us women in business. You see, with soooo many “XY chromosomes” dominating the internet marketing arena it’s not that easy to see the ladies that are doing the darn thing and making strides to become profitable.

Women CAN make money online, and I’m about to profile a long list of women who are doing the darn thing! I have quite a few women in business line up to record teleconferences just for you (remember what I said – “I am doing this for you.”

I meant that. So, who better to learn from then other women in business who are making their bread and butter online while simultaneously tending to their families and maintaining their lifestyles.

My intentions are to get these women in business to give us the low-down-dirty-insider-secrets to what it REALLY takes to become profitable internet marketing women despite all odds (I’m sure you can list a few).

Here’s the first on my list of favorite internet marketing women who have agreed to give us the 411 on what we need to do and how we can make money online and/or work at home:

Felisha Slattery – This sister lives her life with energy, passion and enthusiasm because she realizes each moment is precious. After nearly losing her life during childbirth in 2004, she began to put her communication and public speaking talents to use to create a positive impact on the world. She is a teacher, trainer, speaker, writer, consultant and coach and specializes in training busy professionals to succeed through effective communication and by delivering results-driven presentations. She holds two Master’s Degrees: one in Adult Education and Training and another in Communication. Her enthusiastic passion for communication is contagious because she knows that one important message delivered with power can transform a life. Learn more about Felicia Slattery at

I have been doing my homework. Yes. It’s been a long hard struggle. Hey, who ever said this internet marketing thing would be easy. However, it’s finally begun to take shape and we will make it. Failure is not an option for us ladies…

Subscribe to my newsletter by email or RSS feed to informed. I’ll be sharing teleconference details REAL soon…

If you have any specif questions you’d like me to ask, the by all means…. reply below….

***UPDATE: Teleconference will be held September 11, 2008 @ 9pm Eastern.

Dial in #: (616) 597-8000 pin code 125652#

8 Simple Tips To Not Make Any Money Online

Make Money Online or 8 Simple Ways To Not Make One Dollar.

I became inspired this evening to write this post after battling a knock-you-to-the-floor-and-make-you-cry-for-mama throat infection these past few days. I mean I cried for about an hour in the doctor’s office because of the body aches. It wasn’t until his nurse about half-hour after I was given a dose of pain medication in my rear-end that was able to control the tears. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. GRRHH. I feel like an orchid now.

Back to the matter at hand. I’ve been struggling with this ever since I came down with that bug and thought long and hard about the best way to sum up my instructions for all my sisters out there who REALLY want to know how to not make money online.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Here are 8 simple tips to not work from home, not make any money from home and be able to look at the clock on this same date and time next year and say to yourself, “I really have to get something started.” Here goes:

  1. Go your 9-5 everyday. Make sure you get there on time and follow all the rules. Once you get home you’ll have to pick little Johnny up from after-school, drop his friend off, cook dinner, feed the kids, check the mail, call your sister/mom/friend (whichever your prefer), and do some tidying up; all while simultaneously trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow, what you weren’t able to finish at work, and how much your man wants to get next to you. Got that. Good.
  2. Now that your head is clear and your family is fed, safe and sleep you need to get down to business. You want to work from home right? You’ll have to get to your computer to read all the jokes, look at all the pictures, and read all the chain letters from your friends. You’ve got to spend at least 1 hour finishing this task.
  3. When you do have a little time on the weekends sign up to every newsletter from every guru you even remotely think you may be interested in. I mean every single last one of them.
  4. On your days off spend 2-3 hours every day reading about the latest, greatest e-book, or product launch that is guaranteed to make you rich in 60 days or less or you get “Your Money Back.”
  5. For every 30 emails you read buy at least one of the E-books or programs offered. Spend $100 trying affiliate marketing. Spend $397 for the latest “secret” marketing strategies. Spend at least $1497 building a website. Then spend at a minimum $2-3000 trying to get traffic to your site. In case I forgot, please don’t forget to throw some pay-per-click ads up just because the look so darn easy.
  6. Next. Go do your research. Research every work at home opportunity you come across. And I mean EVERYTHING. Research [tag]how to make money with Adsense, membership sites, squeeze pages, how to make money with Clickbank, with a blog, with Ebay, with forum marketing, how to make money with affiliate marketing, with E-books, with YouTube. Did I forget anything? If I did, then please go spend some cash on that too.
  7. Once you’re finished with tip #6 you can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. However, it’s probably in the wee hours of the morning and you do realize that you have to get up to go to work very early. In that case, just forget it. Go to bed and get some good rest. You’ll finish reading those emails and doing your research tomorrow.
  8. Rinse. Repeat.

There is a point here. If you really want to work from home, there are some things you need to do. I know my sisters are distracted, overworked and inundated with responsibilities. I know that information overload is very distracting. However, If you really want to have the pleasure of being home with your kids and vacationing when you want, then there’s going to have to be some changes made. In what areas? That’s up to you to decide.

What I want to share with you is that I’ve made at least four of those tips above a ritual in my life and it wasn’t until I made some serious changes that I began to take the action required to be successful. Again, I don’t have any screen shots of my HUGE affiliate checks to show you. Not yet. I am humbly beginning my journey after spending years of my life and thousands of my dollars going in circles. That in itself was a journey.

If you really want to make money online, stay with me. I promise to share with you all that I learn. If you don’t want to work from home, then, by all means, copy and paste the above list somewhere you can see it everyday and follow it faithfully.


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