What The Heck Is An Opt-in

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OkayAn Opt-in is simply a subscriber who has agreed to get your messages.

There’s a few different ways to verify whether or not you’ve agreed to get mail from someone. Let’s say for te sake of argument that you just have to have my book that featured on the top right hand side of this page. When you enter your name and email address into that form, you will almost instantly get an email from me that asks you to please verify that you agree to receive information from profitablesistas.com.

Once you click on the link in that first email, you have opted in to my lists of subscribers (or I have a new opt-in.) For internet marketers, this is a must with all the spam laws and crazies out there.

In short, you will have agreed to receive mail from me, in addition to the book I promised, and any further communications that I think you may be interested in. I will then send you the book I promised and hope that you will follow my lead on other juicy tidbits of information.

Now, remember I talked about lists and list building. Well, these are the people on you lists who have agreed to receive you juicy information. As an internet marketer you’ll want to offer something in exchange for providing that value in email address and name. Your autoresponder will handle all of the details of your subscribers opting in and out of you subscriber list.

There’s another lesson to be learned here. At the bottom of every email you receive from any internet marketer should have a link to opt-out. Opt-out is the opposite from opt-in. If you click the opt-out link in any email, you will be , in essence, saying “I don’t wish to receive any further communication from this internet marketer.”

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Now ladies on to list building your list of opt-in’s!

A Guide To List Building Squeeze Page

There is no doubt that building a mailing list should be one of an internet advertiser’s first concerns. A mailing list, after all, will guarantee a receptive pool of customers for the internet entrepreneur, one which he can tap into for every operating campaign.

In all three instances, it is most possible that the client won’t view your website once more. If he does choose to get your Auction Acrobat item, he’d experience the same and not remember about where he got it. If he doesn’t choose to get your item, he’d search for other web sites more apt for his wishes. If he’s undecided regarding your proposal, he’d go visit other sites on the web and forget about your sales site.

One standard question, still, that emerges when discussing the logistics behind building a mailing list is this: when should an internet entrepreneur try to seize his visitors’ contact information?

Must the capture tool be placed on the sales site itself? Wouldn’t such distract the concentration of the viewers?

Or should the seizure tool be placed on the Thank You page? Wouldn’t such restrict the potential subscribers to individuals who bought the goods?

The reply seems to be this: that the seizure tool be applied on the landing site itself.

Such a landing page is labeled a squeeze site, simply due to the reason that it squeezes the contact information out of the viewers.

Everytime individuals are directed to a particular URL, they will include a squeeze site. The purpose of the squeeze site is capture the visitors’ contact details. The squeeze site can employ this in several means:

– By offering a taste of the information that the viewer requires, inviting the visitor to register with the mailing list in order to receive more of the stated information.

– By offering anything valuable, similar to a complimentary eBook or special report or software program, in trade for the visitor’s payment.

– By providing the newest information regarding the subject matter of the web page, causing it essential for the prospects to leave their email addresses so that they may be contacted afterward.

– By giving price cuts for upcoming offers in exchange for the visitors’ contact details.

– By giving a competition with the visitors’ email addresses serving as their entry forms.

Just like Social Media Money System, a squeeze site is the top paradigm when it comes to building a considerable mailing list. It’s the primary site that individuals will get to see, and the internet entrepreneur will be able to catch his visitors’ email addresses instantly.

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What The Heck Is A List

A list is just what it says. It’s a list. You know; a shopping list, christmas list, to-do list. Naahh. Just kidding. In the world of internet marketing and/or affiliate marketing a list = the names and email addresses of those people that you have access to.

Understand? I hope so. However, let me further clarify. Let’s say you have a passion to start an online business selling coffee and metal coffee cups. You just love coffee and you have marketed and advertised and built your squeeze page to attract only those folks who are also interested in metal coffee cups. I mean you have a collection of about 35 cups. So, you are considered coffee cup queen.

So you have your squeeze page up and your going to start doing some list-building. Why? Again, because you want to attract all of those other folks who also love coffee and have a fetish for coffee cups and other coffee associated items. What you intention should be is to get the name and addressed of those particular people. That is called building your list.

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Some internet marketers have lists that are in the hundreds of thousands. While others have lists that are in the hundreds and make as much money as the prior. “How’s that?”, you ask. Because what it boils down to is how responsive your list is. In other words, if you suggest to your list of loyal subscribers that they just have to get that coconut-flavored coffee from Spain, will they listen and click the button in the email you sent them and buy that coffee, which has your affiliate link neatly embedded in it? I sure hope so. Because if they don’t, then your list isn’t responsive. You get what I mean?

Ladies, no matter what kind of business you decide to get into. You MUST build a list. This should be at the very top of your action plan. Ask yourself how, then implement strategies to begin building your list of loyal subscribers who are responsive to what it is you have to say {PERIOD}.

Here’s what I have to say…. before your get your list you’ll have to have a way to communicate with them. Most internet marketers and/or affiliate marketers use what is called autoresponders.

The best way I’ve found to communicate with my list and the #1 service used by most is a system called Aweber. BEWARE! Do not purchase through this link, if you haven’t written down your action plan and decided exactly what you want to do. There are steps involved in starting and operating a successful business and women need to learn to do things in order. This is not the first step. Before you purchase a way to communicate with your lists there are other things you must do. Don’t make the same mistakes as I have. Please.