Lisa Preston Is A Diva

{Drum Roll Please} Introducing………Lisa Preston

I have been scouring the net seeking out fabulous internet marketing women who I can bring to you front and center, in hopes of inspiring you to get things done. I know it’s hard. I know there’s a lot of noise. I know the kids are crying. I know you don’t know how to build a blog or a website. I know you’re man wants some attention. I KNOW! But what about you and your dreams of success……. What about that?

If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice that I’ve been putting up little snippets of information titled “what the heck is…” I thought it would be the easiest way to inform you of the last internet marketing jargon 🙂 I hope you are finding it resourceful.

Anyway, my latest stalking victim is a young lady named Lisa Preston. I remember her from way back when and recently visited a very popular forum only to learn that she designed the darn thing. YOU BETTER WORK LISA PRESTON! Okay, so I started following her on the blog and on twitter and on her blog 🙂 Guess what happened today?

Lisa Preston emailed me. That’s right. She emailed me and asked me to review her new site GraphicsWithImpact.

Well, you know I couldn’t resist. This sister is fierce with the graphics. Her new site is geared toward internet marketing graphics. She has a plethora of options on the page.

You want a website template? Want a Squeeze Page? Want a minisite template? Want banner, e-book covers, and/or a sales page? Or you can get the whole enchilada. But whatever your internet marketing website needs are, Lisa Preston has you covered.

I highly recommend you visit her site and check out your options. I mean, who better to buy from than and internet marketing diva. WHOA!

No affiliate links involved, go now: GraphicsWithImpact