What The Heck Is A Squeeze Page

I’ve been asked this question way too many times. What exactly is a squeeze page?

Well ladies, it’s exactly that. A one page website that is built with the intention of squeezing your name and email address in exchange for some sort of goodie. You see, the money is in your list. You may or may not hear that saying before. Some professional internet marketers use this method of marketing to build a list of subscribers who are interested in what they have to offer.

Have you ever seen a one-page site that basically tells you something like “Enter your name and email address for the latest, greatest secrets to blah, blah, blah?” They usually have some sort of description of whatever it is they are offering and a testimonial or two and that’s it.

You enter your name and email address on the one page website and they then send you whatever it was they promised and additional information they think you may be interested in.

photo by RyanDianna

Of course, I am simplifying for the sake of the blog post, you say. No. I’m not.

It’s rather simple. A squeeze page is a one-page website that is built with the intention of getting your contact information so that a list of subscribers is built to further contact with more valuable information. Is a squeeze page going to help you build relationships? No doubt.

I have learned from some of the most famous internet marketers that this is the way to go in certain instances. Others will argue that fact. It’s simply a matter of “what’s in your action plan?”

If your plan is to build a list of interested subscribers (and it should be) and you plan to advertise your website via pay-per-click to accomplish this task, you probably should use this method for more efficient tracking and to get the names and email addresses of those that want more of what you have to offer.

Is a squeeze page gonna help you in your business?  Sure will.