Guru’s Cock Fighting

Internet marketing guru’s having public fights!

John Reese in one and Rick Butts in the other.

In case you haven’t heard, there are some big name internet marketing guru’s having serious cyber throw downs.

Can You Say Cock Fight? 🙂

Who said the ladies are always acting bitchy? I beg to differ. These internet marketing guru’s are having public (yes, mass publicity) cyber fights. Being a lady of a certain standard I feel obliged to respond. First off, let me say that upon first look, my mind instantly began to think this was some sort of marketing tactic. But upon further investigation, I found that these guys are serious.

The other day I was twittering and came across a post by one of my favorite male counterparts, Rick Butts. He posted a video post on his about none other than Ross Goldberg giving some very bad advice about Stompernet to his subscribers.

photo by tarotastic

Ladies, let me tell you what happened. In response to that video post by Rick Butts, all sorts of internet marketing guru’s began acting like they were premenstrual. I been online for a long time and witnessed some cyber fights but have never seen any like this before.

IMHO – While I agree with the nicest guy on the internet, Ken McArthur, on some very valuable points, I think that Rick Butts has every right to say what the heck he wants and I admire him for not backing down. While a little on the blunt side, I can appreciate his sarcastic tongue (no pun intended) and give him the utmost respect. PERIOD! Enough said. You can take a look for yourself and tell me what you think at

Wait! John Reese’s Cock Fight (or should I say emotional break down).

sidenote: I’d like to announce my cyber love for this man. As a matter of fact, I’ll deem him the finest guy on the internet. And that’s not only because he is drop-dead-gorgeous. That is also because his personality is soft and subtle. The speaks wisdom and is definitely to be admired in the internet marketing industry.

When I learned that John Reese was a little annoyed I began to twitch. I wanted to reach into this computer and snatch whoever was bothering him (natural female reaction, I guess) and pounce on them (am I’m a big girl :).

This is what’s going on: some guys, namely Mark Hopkins and Duncin Riley, over at one of the most popular blogs, Mashable, have been talking smack about John Reese.

In response to this attact, John Reese has posted his thoughts on his blog Here’s my take without totally getting in the middle of this fight.

IMO, John Reese really didn’t need to go into such detail with snapshots from, statistics from his past internet marketing experiences, figures from his bank account that add up to a whopping $$$$ (too much to mention) and get all emotional about it some somebody calling him a flopster. Who cares what they say, if you are not one? I know I don’t.

If you have been following John Reese like I have, you’ll know that he is a very, very profitable internet marketer. There is no question about that. You’ll also know that he is humble and seeks to over deliver. However, John has surprised me by the emotional response and has me feeling a little like he’s tooting his own horns. That is very not attractive.

Ladies grab yourself some java, head over to John Reese’s public cock fight and come back and let me know what you think. Was it too much or was he just having a moment, like the ladies do on occasion.

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John Reese is talking to you

John Reese is one of the few male gurus I happen to follow. When he speaks I listen. It’s almost as if he has me mesmerized:) Not only is the man Drop-Dead-Gorgeous but he is a kind and kindred spirit and it resonates.

Anyway…. back to what I was going to inform you of.

John has just posted an interesting blog post. He poses a question of whether you can make more money by marketing to fewer people. Ya think he is talking to you? Heck yeah! Despite what some so-called gurus say, this I believe true.

There is simply no escaping what John Reese has to say. He doesn’t post often so when he does, I listen. Go NOW and read his post.

What John Reese has to say is very valuable. Especially to women. Now, I’m not saying that you should do as I do. However, what I am saying is the man knows what he is talking about. And most times I happen to agree with him. Unlike a lot of other so-called gurus.

I’ll let you know why I feel that John Reese is talking to me specifically in this post at a later date. For now, just make sure you read what he has to say. And don’t forget to let me know what you think.