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Guru’s Cock Fighting

June 22, 2008

Internet marketing guru’s having public fights!

John Reese in one and Rick Butts in the other.

In case you haven’t heard, there are some big name internet marketing guru’s having serious cyber throw downs.

Can You Say Cock Fight? :)

Who said the ladies are always acting bitchy? I beg to differ. These internet marketing guru’s are having public (yes, mass publicity) cyber fights. Being a lady of a certain standard I feel obliged to respond. First off, let me say that upon first look, my mind instantly began to think this was some sort of marketing tactic. But upon further investigation, I found that these guys are serious.

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John Reese is talking to you

May 26, 2008

John Reese is one of the few male gurus I happen to follow. When he speaks I listen. It’s almost as if he has me mesmerized:) Not only is the man Drop-Dead-Gorgeous but he is a kind and kindred spirit and it resonates.

Anyway…. back to what I was going to inform you of.

John has just posted an interesting blog post. He poses a question of whether you can make more money by marketing to fewer people. Ya think he is talking to you? Heck yeah! Despite what some so-called gurus say, this I believe true.

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