Top 22 Free Keyword Tools

free keyword search toolLook now further than here to find 22 free keyword tools you can use to help you research keywords to use on your website or in your marketing campaign.

While there are some great paid keyword services available, it is a recession. Therefore, I’ve searched the net to find not one, not two, but 22 free keyword suggestion tools you can use when doing keyword research and building your keyword list.

If you’re short on cash, and trying to succeed in this Internet marketing game, you’ll need to find that low hanging fruit. Here’s what I mean – You’ll need to:

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  • find the words that you can bid on to get traffic to your website
  • figure out what folks are searching for in regard to your market
  • know are there any other ways people are searching for your market
  • find the most searched keywords in your particular niche
  • what words can you use to build pages on your website.

That’s just a few examples of the ways you can use these resources. Here’s your list of the keyword research tools that I’ve found so far…

  1. Keywordspy
  2. Google Search-based Tool
  3. Google Sets
  4. Google Traffic Estimator
  5. Google Trends
  6. Keyword Density Tool
  7. Rank Quest
  8. Word Pot
  9. Keyword Finder
  10. Word Stream
  11. Traffic Zap
  12. Digital Point
  13. PPC Keyword Generator
  14. Google Keyword Research
  15. Rusty Brick Keyword Generator
  16. Meta Tag Generator
  17. Submit Express
  18. Keyword Research Tool
  19. Self SEO
  20. Webmaster Toolkit

As I continue my own research, I will continue to grow this list. If you have any other suggestion for a free keyword search tools, please comment to add the link.

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