I’m in awe of these women

Ladies, it doesn’t matter where your are in business, you need to check out what I found out about women in busness online today who are making a killing and raking in the dough. Doing what some deem the impossible. Now, I know some folks think that women just don’t have what it takes to become profitable. Hence, this site.

Internet Marketing QueensInternet Marketing Queens I went on a search and found these fabulous internet marketing women and I am bringing them to you up close and personal. (If you want to know the truth, I am stalking all of them trying to get them to do interviews with me so that I can pick their brains and find out their secrets to success) πŸ™‚

Until I get done with the above task, you can check out a few profitable sisters who are doing the darn thing.S

The Inside Scoop on Internet Marketing Women @ IM-SISTAS (Site is being revised. Sorry for the delay)

Make sure you come back and submit your comments about who I should include and submit your own stories of success.

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Joint Venture Pilot Project

Joint Ventures are it! Or at least that’s what they say.

Ladies, has anyone ever told you, or have your ever heard the stories behind a lot of guru success. Most, if not all of these stories contain a mention of some sort of joint venture. As you already know, I’m a big fan of Liz Tomey’s Joint Venture Seekers.It’s a thorough collection of video where Liz tells you exactly what you should do to make that great joint venture successful.

Everybody that is anybody in the internet marketing arena has the same advice about networking and doing in this game; “Get to an event!” They all say it. They say it so much that I have decided that it’s time to listen.

Two weeks ago I attended Keith Wellman’s Million Dollar Launch in Atlanta. I met a great bunch of folks. I won’t get into the fact that there was not one female speaker in the line-up. ARRGGGHHH. However, I got to meet Jeff Wellman again (I met him back in December at a Sterling Valentine event). I really like this guy. He is so sincere and down to earth. I got to meet all sorts of women who are trying to get noticed and obtain financial freedom. However, the most exciting moment for me was meeting none other than, Ken McArthur.

I kno

w. He has no x-chromosomes. However, Ken McArthur is a man that I truly respect and have been stalking quietly for a few years πŸ™‚ I had already purchased his newest book, “Impact” but when he gave me the opportunity to get one autographed, I whipped out the cash and handed it over. It was my pleasure. Ken sat quietly in the back of the room for the entire event and when he took the stage, the room lit up.

Anyways, Ken McArthur is probably most famous for his yearly event Joint Venture Alert Live (nicknamed JVAlert) . And this year JVAlert happens to be in Philadelphia on June 6, 7 and 8. I live in New York. It’s a no brainer. So, I’m packing my bags and heading to this great joint venture event as a pilot test. The sole purpose of this event is to strike up great million dollar joint ventures and network with those who can perhaps change your world as you know it.

I’m putting it to the test. I’m calling it my joint venture pilot project. I will keep you posted on everything that happens to me and everyone I meet. From what I understand, there’s a plethora of guess speakers on the roster and magical things have happened as a result of visiting this kind of function.

That is exactly what I want to happen for me and all other aspiring female internet marketers. So, I will share with you what I learn, who I meet and the outcome of this joint venture event. It is my hope that something magical does happen. It is my hope that I get that “ah ha” moment and can come back to you with news of how women internet marketers can change the faces of the gurus as we know them.

So, to sum this up, look out for future posts on my visit to Ken McArthur’s joint venture alert event in Philadelphia. Let’s see if magic can really happen from attending one event πŸ™‚

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