American Airlines charging for first bag

American Airlines is charging $15 for first bag!

I repeat, American Airlines charging $15 for first bag!

What the @^%$^#$! That’s my favorite airline. Checking your bags on a flight is a service that has been free since commercial airlines have been in flight. I mean, I have to take my clothing with me. Don’t I?

This is some scary stuff. I can see them limiting the weight of baggage and the amount, but for God’s sake.

photo by ma1974

And guess what? To my surprise American Airlines is not the first ones to begin practicing such tactics to offset the cost of fuel. side note: Gas is $4.05 in New York. (I really need to start riding a bike.) JetBlue is charging $20 for the second bag (another favorite). Read more about it on

In addition to the above, five airlines have closed up shop, Delta and Northwest is merging to try and stay above water, food is no longer served on board (with the exception of one airline), a blanket is a hot commodity, and the travel fares keep rising. We should be very afraid.

American Airlines has been good to me in terms of frequent flyer miles. Sometimes I am even willing to pay an extra twenty bucks to fly with them because of their outstanding service. As a matter of fact, I just booked two free flights to the caribbean with my miles.

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“So what’s there to be afraid of ?”, you ask. You tell me.