Internet Gurus And Why I Never Believe Them

I posted yesterday about how Jack Humphrey of Authority Site Center fame recommended that if you used the review (comparing products) model for affiliate marketing you should only link to your number one product. I have always compared the leading 3 or 4 products and rank them in order but have affiliate links to them all where possible. Jack says to compare them but only link to your number 1 recommendation. He says my way offers the visitor too many choices and in the end this leads to indecision and nothing gets clicked.

This got me wondering if I had stopped buying from the guru’s because they had caused me indecision by sharing their ..

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American Airlines charging for first bag

American Airlines is charging $15 for first bag!

I repeat, American Airlines charging $15 for first bag!

What the @^%$^#$! That’s my favorite airline. Checking your bags on a flight is a service that has been free since commercial airlines have been in flight. I mean, I have to take my clothing with me. Don’t I?

This is some scary stuff. I can see them limiting the weight of baggage and the amount, but for God’s sake.

photo by ma1974

And guess what? To my surprise American Airlines is not the first ones to begin practicing such tactics to offset the cost of fuel. side note: Gas is $4.05 in New York. (I really need to start riding a bike.) JetBlue is charging $20 for the second bag (another favorite). Read more about it on

In addition to the above, five airlines have closed up shop, Delta and Northwest is merging to try and stay above water, food is no longer served on board (with the exception of one airline), a blanket is a hot commodity, and the travel fares keep rising. We should be very afraid.

American Airlines has been good to me in terms of frequent flyer miles. Sometimes I am even willing to pay an extra twenty bucks to fly with them because of their outstanding service. As a matter of fact, I just booked two free flights to the caribbean with my miles.

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“So what’s there to be afraid of ?”, you ask. You tell me.

What The Heck Is A List

A list is just what it says. It’s a list. You know; a shopping list, christmas list, to-do list. Naahh. Just kidding. In the world of internet marketing and/or affiliate marketing a list = the names and email addresses of those people that you have access to.

Understand? I hope so. However, let me further clarify. Let’s say you have a passion to start an online business selling coffee and metal coffee cups. You just love coffee and you have marketed and advertised and built your squeeze page to attract only those folks who are also interested in metal coffee cups. I mean you have a collection of about 35 cups. So, you are considered coffee cup queen.

So you have your squeeze page up and your going to start doing some list-building. Why? Again, because you want to attract all of those other folks who also love coffee and have a fetish for coffee cups and other coffee associated items. What you intention should be is to get the name and addressed of those particular people. That is called building your list.

photo by tanakawho

Some internet marketers have lists that are in the hundreds of thousands. While others have lists that are in the hundreds and make as much money as the prior. “How’s that?”, you ask. Because what it boils down to is how responsive your list is. In other words, if you suggest to your list of loyal subscribers that they just have to get that coconut-flavored coffee from Spain, will they listen and click the button in the email you sent them and buy that coffee, which has your affiliate link neatly embedded in it? I sure hope so. Because if they don’t, then your list isn’t responsive. You get what I mean?

Ladies, no matter what kind of business you decide to get into. You MUST build a list. This should be at the very top of your action plan. Ask yourself how, then implement strategies to begin building your list of loyal subscribers who are responsive to what it is you have to say {PERIOD}.

Here’s what I have to say…. before your get your list you’ll have to have a way to communicate with them. Most internet marketers and/or affiliate marketers use what is called autoresponders.

The best way I’ve found to communicate with my list and the #1 service used by most is a system called Aweber. BEWARE! Do not purchase through this link, if you haven’t written down your action plan and decided exactly what you want to do. There are steps involved in starting and operating a successful business and women need to learn to do things in order. This is not the first step. Before you purchase a way to communicate with your lists there are other things you must do. Don’t make the same mistakes as I have. Please.

I Am Doing This For Women

Ladies, I spend a lot of time working on this site. Why? Because it is my mission to help women become profitable internet marketers. However, I can only do that, if you tell me what it is that stopping you from reaching success.

Ladies, I spend a lot of time working on this site. Why? Because it is my mission to help women become profitable internet marketers. However, I can only do that, if you tell me what it is that stopping you from reaching success.

  • With that said, I need input.
  • I need to know what your struggling with,
  • what’s bugging you,
  • what’s making you happy and you want more of,
  • what do you need in terms of information –
  • or do you have too much information at all and just want me to keep you up to date on the latest greatest male guru who just launched another million dollar day?

Holla at a sista and let her know what’s up. I will do all that I can to find the answers for you. If you only knew what I was doing to get some of my favorite internet marketing women to share their secrets, you would probably think I was nuts 🙂 But it is my promise to get some nuts and bolts information from some of the wealthiest women on the web.

You see, this is a revolution we are starting here. But I can’t start it by myself and I can’t search for answers, if I don’t know what I am searching for. What questions would you like me ask some of these wealthy internet marketing women? And how does it make you feel to notice that men seem to overshadow women on the net, in terms of earnings?

I’m waiting….Get at me..