Lisa Preston Is A Diva

{Drum Roll Please} Introducing………Lisa Preston

I have been scouring the net seeking out fabulous internet marketing women who I can bring to you front and center, in hopes of inspiring you to get things done. I know it’s hard. I know there’s a lot of noise. I know the kids are crying. I know you don’t know how to build a blog or a website. I know you’re man wants some attention. I KNOW! But what about you and your dreams of success……. What about that?

If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice that I’ve been putting up little snippets of information titled “what the heck is…” I thought it would be the easiest way to inform you of the last internet marketing jargon 🙂 I hope you are finding it resourceful.

Anyway, my latest stalking victim is a young lady named Lisa Preston. I remember her from way back when and recently visited a very popular forum only to learn that she designed the darn thing. YOU BETTER WORK LISA PRESTON! Okay, so I started following her on the blog and on twitter and on her blog 🙂 Guess what happened today?

Lisa Preston emailed me. That’s right. She emailed me and asked me to review her new site GraphicsWithImpact.

Well, you know I couldn’t resist. This sister is fierce with the graphics. Her new site is geared toward internet marketing graphics. She has a plethora of options on the page.

You want a website template? Want a Squeeze Page? Want a minisite template? Want banner, e-book covers, and/or a sales page? Or you can get the whole enchilada. But whatever your internet marketing website needs are, Lisa Preston has you covered.

I highly recommend you visit her site and check out your options. I mean, who better to buy from than and internet marketing diva. WHOA!

No affiliate links involved, go now: GraphicsWithImpact

Overcome Fear And Be Successful Woman

Want To Be a Woman In Business? Then learn to live without FEAR!

The advantage of learning how to live without fear and how to fulfill one’s desires, is to discover that you actually deserve to be successful. Fear is a habit, and a way of looking at life. Women can overcome fear and learn to be successful. There really is have nothing for women to be afraid of. It is a tested reality that abundance is the law of nature. You, my sister have been given the power to become a titan of achievement. Listed below are 9 steps to help you overcome fear and achieve the success you deserve.

photo by aspera

  1. 1. Overcome evil with good thought patterns. Even the Bible tells us we have the power within ourselves to do this. Webster tells us that evil is a: “the fact of suffering, misfortune, and wrongdoing,” or b:something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity.” By dreaming up and anticipating your desired good you can set in motion the power that brings it to us.
  2. Feel Blessed by what you already have. Acknowledge and give thanks for what you currently have available to you. Your life, your family, your health, your sight are just a few. Use the power of giving thanks to start the motion.
  3. Establish brand-new demands upon yourself. It’s not necessary to not do for others, to steal, cheat or lie in order to become affluent. Wealth comes from conjuring up new ideas that create goods and services, that provide a pleasure and/or benefit to others. In order to get new ideas we have to construct new demands upon ourselves as channels and producers. You are only using 10% of your abilities. Force yourself to use 12%. Overcome fear by making a huge demand of yourself and fresh ideas will certainly arrive.
  4. Know and feel the good of life and love. Some people make believe they despise money and the finer things in life. This practice is really denying the goodness you were meant to have. The practice of loving the finer things in life will attract it to you through the law of cause and effect, and the law of correspondence.
  5. Feel worthy of success and wealth. You must develop thought patterns that involve individual awareness and understand that powers are at work. Powers that are bigger than you. There are no limits to what a woman may acquire when she sets her mind to it.
  6. Have no fear of great wealth. There’s no harm in accumulating great riches, nor in using your wealth. Just make certain not to allow it use you. Some of the superior blessings that have come to many have come through accumulated wealth, from research organizations, foundations, schools, hospitals, and so forth, which were set up for the giving of more life, love and liberty to the individual and so, the world.
  7. See yourself everyday in the abundance you desire. See yourself owning any desired thing, or circumstance. And basking it. If it is a new fur coat, feel it as well as see it. If it is a new home, see yourself in it, walking through your state-of-the-art kitchen. See the colors, the cathedral ceilings, the windows and granite counter-tops. Practice this everyday from this day forward. This practice will help you tremendously to overcome fear. “The continuing battle is to always think of what you do desire and never to allow anything else to enter your mind that you do not want in your existence.”
  8. Take note of the law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect will create wealth or poverty for you in accordance with your own beliefs, your feelings, your fears or your faith. It is therefore essential to be content, unafraid, certain of the future.
  9. Have faith in and/or believe in something. There’s not enough money in all the world to make you feel 100% secure. Nothing less than a faith in whatever your trying to accomplish, plus your own power to take the necessary actions that can give you a sense of security.

Psychology has taught us that we can’t break a habit by acting upon it. That just cuts into it in deeper. In order to successfully break an old, unwelcome habit we have to simply replace it with a new one. Women need to create new patterns of thinking and believing. Just the actions of thinking differently and believing they deserve success will create new habits of acting differently.

Taking these few steps will ensure you are on your way to overcoming fear and becoming the successful women you were created to be. Absolutely nothing can keep you from attaining success but yourself. You need nothing more than your ability to desire, decide, have faith and work to create your own success. Don’t fear fear itself. Overcome it. Stay abreast of and in-tune with those of like minds. This will cause an expansion of ideas and will keep you in tune with the true law of nature; abundance.

Do you think you deserve success? Let me know…

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Donna Fox Is Fierce….

I met Donna Fox back in December at a Sterling Valentine event. She is one smart sister. I probed her for advice on getting started and asked her a bunch of questions. She didn’t shew me away but gracefully embraced me and provided much feedback. This woman rocks!

So, today I twittering around and notice that Ms. Donna Fox has a new blog designed to give women in business the kick in the butt that they need to get on track and become successful. I admire her and you will too once you get to know her. Visit her blog at

Let me know what you think about her. I’ve been quietly stalking her since I met her 🙂

John Reese is talking to you

John Reese is one of the few male gurus I happen to follow. When he speaks I listen. It’s almost as if he has me mesmerized:) Not only is the man Drop-Dead-Gorgeous but he is a kind and kindred spirit and it resonates.

Anyway…. back to what I was going to inform you of.

John has just posted an interesting blog post. He poses a question of whether you can make more money by marketing to fewer people. Ya think he is talking to you? Heck yeah! Despite what some so-called gurus say, this I believe true.

There is simply no escaping what John Reese has to say. He doesn’t post often so when he does, I listen. Go NOW and read his post.

What John Reese has to say is very valuable. Especially to women. Now, I’m not saying that you should do as I do. However, what I am saying is the man knows what he is talking about. And most times I happen to agree with him. Unlike a lot of other so-called gurus.

I’ll let you know why I feel that John Reese is talking to me specifically in this post at a later date. For now, just make sure you read what he has to say. And don’t forget to let me know what you think.

Internet Gurus And Why I Never Believe Them

I posted yesterday about how Jack Humphrey of Authority Site Center fame recommended that if you used the review (comparing products) model for affiliate marketing you should only link to your number one product. I have always compared the leading 3 or 4 products and rank them in order but have affiliate links to them all where possible. Jack says to compare them but only link to your number 1 recommendation. He says my way offers the visitor too many choices and in the end this leads to indecision and nothing gets clicked.

This got me wondering if I had stopped buying from the guru’s because they had caused me indecision by sharing their ..

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