What The Heck Is A Blog

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What is a blog and what is a blog used for? That is the question.

You know what? For this question I’m going to do it a little different. I’m going to share some love to my fellow bloggers who I have found can answer this question with a little spice. I just love some of the nice men faces behind them there blog walls.

Here are some great resources for you to get the answer to what is a blog and what is a blog used for. Have fun learning!

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What The Heck Is A Squeeze Page

I’ve been asked this question way too many times. What exactly is a squeeze page?

Well ladies, it’s exactly that. A one page website that is built with the intention of squeezing your name and email address in exchange for some sort of goodie. You see, the money is in your list. You may or may not hear that saying before. Some professional internet marketers use this method of marketing to build a list of subscribers who are interested in what they have to offer.

Have you ever seen a one-page site that basically tells you something like “Enter your name and email address for the latest, greatest secrets to blah, blah, blah?” They usually have some sort of description of whatever it is they are offering and a testimonial or two and that’s it.

You enter your name and email address on the one page website and they then send you whatever it was they promised and additional information they think you may be interested in.

photo by RyanDianna

Of course, I am simplifying for the sake of the blog post, you say. No. I’m not.

It’s rather simple. A squeeze page is a one-page website that is built with the intention of getting your contact information so that a list of subscribers is built to further contact with more valuable information. Is a squeeze page going to help you build relationships? No doubt.

I have learned from some of the most famous internet marketers that this is the way to go in certain instances. Others will argue that fact. It’s simply a matter of “what’s in your action plan?”

If your plan is to build a list of interested subscribers (and it should be) and you plan to advertise your website via pay-per-click to accomplish this task, you probably should use this method for more efficient tracking and to get the names and email addresses of those that want more of what you have to offer.

Is a squeeze page gonna help you in your business?  Sure will.

What The Heck Is An Opt-in

photo by jessicafm

OkayAn Opt-in is simply a subscriber who has agreed to get your messages.

There’s a few different ways to verify whether or not you’ve agreed to get mail from someone. Let’s say for te sake of argument that you just have to have my book that featured on the top right hand side of this page. When you enter your name and email address into that form, you will almost instantly get an email from me that asks you to please verify that you agree to receive information from profitablesistas.com.

Once you click on the link in that first email, you have opted in to my lists of subscribers (or I have a new opt-in.) For internet marketers, this is a must with all the spam laws and crazies out there.

In short, you will have agreed to receive mail from me, in addition to the book I promised, and any further communications that I think you may be interested in. I will then send you the book I promised and hope that you will follow my lead on other juicy tidbits of information.

Now, remember I talked about lists and list building. Well, these are the people on you lists who have agreed to receive you juicy information. As an internet marketer you’ll want to offer something in exchange for providing that value in email address and name. Your autoresponder will handle all of the details of your subscribers opting in and out of you subscriber list.

There’s another lesson to be learned here. At the bottom of every email you receive from any internet marketer should have a link to opt-out. Opt-out is the opposite from opt-in. If you click the opt-out link in any email, you will be , in essence, saying “I don’t wish to receive any further communication from this internet marketer.”

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Now ladies on to list building your list of opt-in’s!

what the heck is a link

125x125aI know this question may seem pretty elementary for some, but for those of you who don’t know what is a link , I am going to answer the question I keep getting asked. There! If you know what a link is, then by all means share your thoughts. Don’t criticize. Help the people who don’t know out.  We all started somewhere. {End Rant}

A link is short for hyperlink. In layman’s terms, a hyperlink (or link) is a reference to a resource somewhere else on the internet. Links can point to anywhere you want them to: a picture, another website, a file, another area of the page, etc.  HTML (or Hyper Text Markup Language) is what is the language used to create most web pages and thus what’s used to create a link.

An example of a link =  Click her for the Wikipedia Link

The above link, if clicked will take you to wikipedia for a detailed definition of a link and it’s function on the web. Here’s what the the link above looks like written in HTML:

<p style=”text-align: center;”>An example of a link =  <a title=”What is a link” href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink” target=”_blank”>Click her for the Wikipedia Link</a></p>

In my humble opinion, it’s worth knowing a bit of HTML, if you plan on making money online. However, you really don’t have to know the language to create stunning websites. You can use WordPress, Blogger, or the many other WYSIWYG programs available to you. For example, with WordPress it’s just a matter of typing the text you want people to see, clicking a button and inserting the domain you want to point to.

Now you know what is a link. Let me know what else you want to know by submitting your comments. Hope that helps!

What the heck is rss?

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. A lot of people describe it as a ‘news feed’ that people can subscribe to. This world is so “I Want It Right Now!” And with so little time it’s an easy way to stay “abreast” of all of your favorite sites and blogs

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. A lot of people describe it as a ‘news feed’ that people can subscribe to. This world is so I Want It Right Now!” And with so little time it’s an easy way to stay “abreast” of all of your favorite sites and blogs.

Introducing the antecdote to surfing around for hours. How about you want to keep up to date with the latest posts on ProfitableSistas? Then, click the orange button and you be given instructions on how to get my posts in an instant.

There a number of ways that my sistas can subscribe to this site and receive updates. One option would be ProfitableSistas RSS feed.

But what the heck is an RSS feed?

What is RSS? (Look at the orange button above?)

To put it simply, RSS is a technology that is currently being used by millions of web surfers around the world to keep track of their favorite websites and get updates to those sites in a quick and concise manner. Suppose you like 20 different sites. You can have all the latest news from each site sitting right on your desktop to read at your pleasure. How cool and funky is that?

Remember in the ole days when folks use to have to click a button to bookmark a page. Or, they would add the page to their favorites list and then go searching for it when they couldn’t remember the name of that site. Well, those days are leaving us fast. You don’t have to do much work with an RSS feed. Just click a button and viola! Instant updates to your favorite sites that you can read in your own time. And we all know that a sista’s time is limited and precious.

RSS Changed The Way The World Is Surfing

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that this is one of your favorite sites:) Every time I post a new article to this site you are instantly informed with the information that you asked for. Kinda reminds me of subscribing to movies-on-demand. You wanna see a movie, just go to the family room and click a button. Except, with RSS, it free.

How do they do it? I haven’t a clue. But if you are really interested in knowing, I will find the answers for you. Just let me know.

My sistas need to understand that with an RSS feed on your site you give your subscribers the option of whether they want to “have it their way.” Options are very good. Some folks don’t like to get email messages. They’d rather just be notified of new and fresh content. You know what they say, “some like it straight up.”

Simple Steps To Using an RSS feed

  • Get get yourself an RSS Reader – The first thing you’ll have to do if you’re going to be reading site updates via RSS is to have something to read them with. This little gadget is called an RSS Feed Reader. Some options include Bloglines or Google Reader. The very are simple to set up and use. Google even has a reader included in their toolbar. If you like the site, you can just click the button and it will add the site to your reader.
  • Find a few RSS feeds – like the one at ProfitableSistas:0
  • Subscribe to few – it’s kind of addictive once you get the hang of it. You will probably notice that most sites have a bunch of options for you to subscribe to. This may include: My Yahoo, My Msn, My Google, etc. Look for the buttons or little gadgets on the page itself, or in the browser. Copy the link to your feeder or follow the instructions given to you.
  • Enjoy. Once you set up your RSS Feed reader and add a few subscriptions, you’ll have the pleasure of not having to open your email box and filter through all the spam. You can have it your way.

Keeping It Ole School – Here, here. I know that folks come in all different flavors. Wtih that said, I know that some like it the ole way – simply adding your email address and clicking subscribe. That way, when they go work or are in the field with the PalmPilot or laptop in tote, they can just read their email. Browse the headlines, read the ones they want and keep it moving.

Cool. Not a problem at all for my sistas. I, too, am kind of ole school. It’s not easy adapting to change. You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With email subscriptions you can easily enter email address, click the “subscribe button” and easily unsubscribe by clicking a link in the email itself. Not that complex at all.

Point – with RSS feeds – Sistas have options. “And who the heck is “they”?