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Make Your Site Sell Review

October 10, 2009

Make Your Site Sell Review – An program by Ken Evoy.

I know. I know! If this site is about becoming a profitable internet marketing women, why am I doing a review of some ego-driven guru man’s site? Listen and learn my sitas. I inform you of why you should not to invest in Make Your Site Sell.

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There is no secret

October 4, 2009

7 Free Lessons fro the Teachers of The SecretI was reading the New Testament today and the message of The Secret appeared. “How a man is, is how he thinks.” “Well,” I thought to myself. The Secret is not new. Just as I suspected. Although there are no mentions of the bible in the secret movie, it is my belief that Rhonda Byrne had to have read the bible. She absolutely must have!

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Olympus E420 SLR- Digital Camera For Women

September 4, 2008

For all my sisters that are into digital photography, and/or photo taking, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to a new digital toy….

I’d like to Introduce….. The Olympus E420 SLR

In my humble opinion, this digital camera was made for women. The Olympus E-420 is the world’s smallest digital SLR with all the features women need to take great pictures anywhere we go, every day and all day.  You don’t have to be an expert photographer with this baby. The E-420’s Scene Select Modes makes you an instant expert — or you can convert to manual mode to expand your creative control.  There’s a ton of features that are easy to understand and simple enough to operate.

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8 Simple Tips To Not Make Any Money Online

June 4, 2008

Make Money Online or 8 Simple Ways To Not Make One Dollar.

I became inspired this evening to write this post after battling a knock-you-to-the-floor-and-make-you-cry-for-mama throat infection these past few days. I mean I cried for about an hour in the doctor’s office because of the body aches. It wasn’t until his nurse about half-hour after I was given a dose of pain medication in my rear-end that was able to control the tears. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. GRRHH. I feel like an orchid now.

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