What The Heck Is A Blog

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What is a blog and what is a blog used for? That is the question.

You know what? For this question I’m going to do it a little different. I’m going to share some love to my fellow bloggers who I have found can answer this question with a little spice. I just love some of the nice men faces behind them there blog walls.

Here are some great resources for you to get the answer to what is a blog and what is a blog used for. Have fun learning!

Seth’s Blog: What’s it like? (The sad story of the hot pepper)

Can you imagine how difficult it was to sell the jalapeno when it came over from the new world? “What’s it like?” you’d be asked. Well, it’s like a pepper (of course, it wasn’t. Black pepper is dried and tastes…

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You will have different needs and ideas for your blog than the next blogger. While you may find MoveableType the most appropriate choice, your best friend may find another program more rewarding and therefore, the best. …

Women, Social Media and Influence « A. Fine Blog

There are lists of influential women bloggers, like this one: 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media in 2008. This ranking is based on Alexa rankings of traffic to these sites unlike the Technorati authority that ranks blogs

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Some of the findings are interesting such as the idea that “Despite being perceived by some as enemies o… read more of this post, Female Bloggers Noticeably Absent From Technorati Survey, at Change.org.

5 Female Bloggers Who Will Get You Thinking | Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media is a social media agency –- a new breed of company that specializes in helping corporations use social media tools, sites and applications to increase their connection with customers and prospects.

Ken McAuthur on FTC Guidelines – Oh Boy!


My Friend and mentor Ken McArthur has an interesting post on how the government (FTC) is now regulating testimonials that affiliate marketers use.

If you are into affiliate marketing, blogging, or doing any sort of internet online business, you had better keep yourself knowledgeable and up to date on these new FTC guidelines. Stay head of the game and read the post @ Ken McArthur’s Learning Blog.

Here’s John Carlton’s take on the above matter John Carlton The Marketing Rebel Rant

How To Build A Blog Site

How to build a blog site and get on the web with my idea? That’s a question I keep getting from the ladies who are just getting online and learning how to become professional women in business. So I thought to myself, “if I can create a simple step-by-step plan that anyone could follow that would help to get up and running in the shortest time possible,  I’d be helping all my sister friends out.”

With that said, here’s a simple guide on how to build a blog site with WordPress (my favorite blogging platform). You can use this guide and be up and running in no time. Don’t skip around though. Follow the steps in order to achieve maximum success.

  • Find your niche. Your passion. You know; choose the topic your blog will be about.
  • Head over to namecheap.com and grab yourself a good-looking domain name for your blog. Price range is about ten bucks and you can get hosting there too for less than $3 a month.
  • Once you get that set up you have to install WordPress from your cpanel. Don’t get scared. It’s just a matter of clicking a few buttons, trust me on that one.
  • Now fire up your favorite search engine and find yourself a blog theme. Don’t get too fancy. Look for something that says it’s search engine optimized. Something clean and fresh.
  • Install your theme.
  • Do your keyword research. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a list of  The top 22 Free Keyword Tools.
  • Make your first post on your blog.

That’s it. Simple enough? I certainly hope so.If you get stuck, post a comment and I will certainly try to help.

Internet marketing women can be successful and they can make money. If you are here for the first time, then there’s an awful lot to go through. However, before you begin making any money online, there’s a few things you need to know how to do and one of them is knowing how to build a blog site.

Top 22 Free Keyword Tools

free keyword search toolLook now further than here to find 22 free keyword tools you can use to help you research keywords to use on your website or in your marketing campaign.

While there are some great paid keyword services available, it is a recession. Therefore, I’ve searched the net to find not one, not two, but 22 free keyword suggestion tools you can use when doing keyword research and building your keyword list.

If you’re short on cash, and trying to succeed in this Internet marketing game, you’ll need to find that low hanging fruit. Here’s what I mean – You’ll need to:

photo courtesy of cambodiaforkids
  • find the words that you can bid on to get traffic to your website
  • figure out what folks are searching for in regard to your market
  • know are there any other ways people are searching for your market
  • find the most searched keywords in your particular niche
  • what words can you use to build pages on your website.

That’s just a few examples of the ways you can use these resources. Here’s your list of the keyword research tools that I’ve found so far…

  1. Keywordspy
  2. Google Search-based Tool
  3. Google Sets
  4. Google Traffic Estimator
  5. Google Trends
  6. Keyword Density Tool
  7. Rank Quest
  8. Word Pot
  9. Keyword Finder
  10. Word Stream
  11. Traffic Zap
  12. Digital Point
  13. PPC Keyword Generator
  14. Google Keyword Research
  15. Rusty Brick Keyword Generator
  16. Meta Tag Generator
  17. Submit Express
  18. KeywordDiscovery.com Keyword Research Tool
  19. Self SEO
  20. Webmaster Toolkit

As I continue my own research, I will continue to grow this list. If you have any other suggestion for a free keyword search tools, please comment to add the link.

Click Here To Download A Free PDF Copy of the Top 22 Free Keyword Tools.

Thee Money Making Blueprint

Most of us have built a niche website at some point – a small content based website which includes AdSense and / or affiliate links to make money online.

Most of us also never took the “model” very seriously at all, thinking that there’s no way on earth people are getting rich doing this.

Well, there are folks that have taken this model seriously and are making some serious money at it.

The two guys who brought us BANS (or Build A Niche Store) have spent the past 6 months or so pouring their knowledge of making money with niche websites, into the 9 step guide that they call:

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

N1WAY as it’s often referred is, in a nutshell, a 118 page blueprint for making money on the internet.

While supporting thousands of users of Build A Niche Store, and also through the process of building 100’s of their own niche affiliate websites, these guys have over 4 years in “working” experience, and are cleaning up!

Now, wildly enough, you can know what they know for under 25 bucks.

A small price to pay for a “way” that’s enabled them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past few years.

With the N1WAY Method we identify “consumer search markets” to which we then target, serve and make money from by developing tiny content driven affiliate sites, often (but not necessarily) promoting eBay auctions.

Here are the steps that are covered in the guide:

Step 1: Learn to pick a market
Step 2: Create a website development strategy while researching the market further
Step 3: Learn to create valuable unique content quickly
Step 4: Step 4 goes into creating the website with using either WordPress with phpBay or BANS
Step 5: Shows you quick and simple ways to market your website on the Internet
Step 6: Shows you how to manage your website with a focus on minimizing the maintenance needs
Step 7: Goes through quick methods to replicate this process to create a network of websites
Step 8: Learn how to free up your time by outsourcing some of the more tedious projects and finding people that are begging to do them dirt cheap
Step 9: Finally, the path to building 7 figure ($1,000,000) networks is laid out for you

If you want to know how to “do” niche websites properly check this one out:

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online