Deciphering The Secret…..It’s No Big Mystery

I watched the movie. Did you? If not, you really should. Whether you are rich or poor, single or married, skinny or fat, there’s bound to be something else you desire in life. You can use the law of attraction to get it.Over the course of my life I have heard little snippets of information on this topic of attracting abundance. The law of attraction is not new. I believe it was Oprah who kicked open the marketing doors and led to this mass hysteria of individuals seeking to use their minds to get what the want. However, we were always thinking it. At least I was. Rhonda Byrne stole my idea.

I always knew that there was a force greater than ourselves. I can feel the energy waves jumping off of people I come in contact with (don’t get spooked :).

Didn’t your mom tell you that if you prayed hard enough you that your dreams would come true. Using the law of attraction is very similar to this practice. It’s metaphysics. People have been studying this for years. However, The Secret goes quite a bit deeper into the theory that you can attract what you want. But first you must know what you want and put your mind in a state comparable to how you would feel if you already have what you wanted.

7 Free Lessons fro the Teachers of The Secret

Today, millions of people are reading it. The latest self-help sensation claims we can change our lives by thinking. We can. I challenge you to decide today to get “The Secret”. Get the book. Get the Movie. Get the transcript. Just get the secret and begin implementing.

Don’t think that it is easy. What I found is that it is quite difficult to be conscious at all times. In interviewing my friends and family I’ve learned that some folks like their miserable existence. The are afraid of change. They don’t, and will never, believe that they deserve and abundance of health and wealth. Most people I talk to are unhappy with their jobs, relationships and bank accounts.

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. In my opinion, you should be aware that the The Secret doesn’t really make clear – being poor is a state of mind. I know folks who are dirt poor and they are the richest people I know. While I know others who are making what they feel is a “good salary” who are as miserable and unlucky as they come. What do you think?
Do You Believe

However, if you only believe that you can get that dream job, or score that perfect parter, or drive that fancy car or whatever it is you wish – you can.

I believe you can manifest destiny and I invite you to take a journey with me. Together we will manifest destiny in many ways. From the simple things in life like finding a parking space to the more grandeur like becoming a self-made millionaire, I believe we can. Do You??

Quit Procrastination Now

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It has come to my attention that many women are trying to quit procrastination and get the things done that they know they need to do for themselves. Women wear so many hats and some of us have this notion that all the hats we wear must be the right size and right fit. This is my quest to help you overcome this common habit.

Let me start out by pointing out that there must be a reason you are procrastinating. In my readings I’ve found that the causes of this behavior is often one of several things: a fear of failure, not having a clear vision and/or not being organized.

I say you can quit procrastination like you can quit that lame ass excuse for a man your dating.  Now, while both of these situations can lead to self-sabotage, I certainly understand that they are not that easy to overcome. However, I bet my hard earned money that you can learn to make both of them a thing of the past.

Here are tips to get you started:

  • Change your mind set. Start immediately to think positively and realistically.  Look for and find whatever it is that motivates you and put it to use. Talk to yourself out loud (positive self-talk) about what it is you want to accomplish.
  • Have a clear and concise vision. Take some time to think about goals and desires and make certain that they are achievable and very very clear.
  • Break your goals down into bits of smaller more attainable goals. Don’t allow your goal setting to overwhelm you. Be realistic about how much time you need to achieve your goals.
  • Write it down. Purchase, buy or borrow a legal pad, note book, diary or any thing else you can write into and jot down every single thing you need to do. I mean everything.  I prefer to do this task at night right before bed. However, you can choose to do it in the morning as you rise.  Whatever time you choose to do it, do it.
  • Cross-Out Method. This is the method of crossing out everything that you have totally gotten completed. For example, let say you had jotted down six things on your to-do list last night. Well, before you start your next list, you should cross out each task that you have successfully accomplished. If there are things on the list that you haven’t completed, put it on the top of your list for tomorrow.

If you think you have a medical condition, then please seek professional help. Some women may need therapy while others may just require self help tactics like the ones I’ve listed above.

The above tips are guaranteed to help you overcome and quit procrastination. Once you learn how to take charge of your life and quit procrastination, you will persevere. Women in business can’t afford to not overcome this habit.

Self Help Subliminal

mind-power-smlSelf help subliminal messages are something that I have been researching and investing quite a bit of time in. What have I learned? Way to much to mention here. Here’s what I can share.

  • I have decided that my internet marketing career is taking not going in the direction that I’d like it to.
  • I found this course called Super Mind Power .
  • I bought it for two reasons. One, it came from a well known internet marketer; two, it was cheap; and three, it seemed to be chock-full-of all sorts of different mind power techniques that I thought could help me in my quest to improve myself. Okay, so I bought it for three reasons.
  • I began to delve into the different techniques. i.e. self help hypnosis, self help subliminal messaging, meditation, positive thinking, success secrets, etc. After going through the course, I became very inspired. As a matter of damn fact, I became so inspired that I have overcome the #1 problem I had when it came to getting my business off the mediocre success road – PROCRASTINATION.

WHOA! I have struggled with this for a very a long time. Who would have thought that a $40 downloadable e-course would help.  I have spent thousands of dollars going to seminars that didn’t help. However, after about two weeks of continual self help subliminal messaging, digging up and scouring through some old paperbacks I’ve had since college and using what I had previously learned about quantum physics and mind channeling , I’m on the road to manifesting an abundant life.

“I’m tired of just getting by. My sites are making a bit of money but not anywhere near where I need them to be. Or, shall I say, I desire them to be. But all of that is about to change, my sisters.”

I even have an Awesome Amazing Manifesting Mind Power lens over at Squidoo challenging other folks who are interested in learning mind power techniques to manifest their destinies. That’s how interested I am in using this to make it happen. Perhaps, you can drop by and join the mission. The worse that can happen is that we internet marketing divas jump aboard the IM guru ship and live the life we so deserve.

You can count on me to not leave you by the wayside. I will share the knowledge and I will be on top. Until then, perhaps you are interested in joining my mind power challenge.With all of that said, I have totally changed the direction of this site and my business plan. I intent to continue to learn the attraction laws, self help subliminal and all the particular techniques that I have learned (and continue to learn) to help other women make money online.

Make Your Site Sell Review

Make Your Site Sell Review – An program by Ken Evoy.

I know. I know! If this site is about becoming a profitable internet marketing women, why am I doing a review of some ego-driven guru man’s site? Listen and learn my sitas. I inform you of why you should not to invest in Make Your Site Sell.

In the world of e-commerce, women have to learn to what to digest and what not to. With that said, while there are many programs around that claim to take women on the web from rags to riches overnight, Ken Evoy is different. I have to give him his due props. (Again, I am not posting my earning on this site. They are not big enough yet. However, with the help of MYSS, my earnings have increased substantially over the last year:)

Pros: Make Your Site Sell is more than just an program or an e-book. It’s a system by which, if used properly, can really make you some serious dough. It is not intended for you to grow rich over night ight. Ken Evoy is insistent on teaching you how to take your sweet time and grow your online business.

With the program comes a video guide that takes 14 days to complete. It took me a long year. Yeah. I was stuck on day four for about 8 months. I’ve heard that some people have even taken longer than that.

Not only is this course intended to teach you ALL the darn ins and outs of creating a profitable online business, it also helps you to discover exactly what kind of business YOU should be doing. Let me repeat that. Make Your Site Sell helps you to determine what business is right for you. It’s not a one-size-fit all kind of program.

There are specific categories for each facet of owning a profitable online business. Make Your Site Sell teaches you everything from conversion rates to web building to building trust to list building to sales ratio to; you get the picture.

The support forum is wicked interactive with the team and customers alike. What you get for your money is well below the cost of what you would spend if you had to do all that’s required to get your online business up and running without the program. Here’s a few of the different angles one can take when approaching MYSS:

  • If you are a sista just starting out in the world of e-commerce and looking to find your passions, Click Here
  • If you are a sista looking to work from home and you have kids, Click here.
  • If you are a sista who is already in the e-commerce game and looking for web hosting, Click here.
  • If you want to learn how to build a website, Click here.
  • If your a women who is interested in becoming a master affiliate marketer, Click here.

While the above mentioned are pros, they are also cons in that there’s just too many darn options.

Cons: Too many options, can cause confusion. Make Your Site Sell has an intensive video guide that walks you through each and every step of choosing your passion, researching the topic and making the decision on whether it is a profitable market to target. Therein lies the problem. You have to work hard. Like I said, it can be a bit overwhelming, if you have no idea of which market you are going into. For some people this task comes quite easy. For others, like myself, it can be bloody daunting. But I stuck with it and I’m reaping the rewards. YEAH!

The biggest problem with Make Your Site Sell, by Ken Evoy is that folks are so used to hearing and believing the get-rich-quick schemes, they don’t want to listen to what is being taught about e-commerce by Ken. That is the plain hard truth. I think we are programmed to believe that we can work from home and be right overnight, if we just buy this latest, greatest e-book or program for $47-$97.

Yes ladies, some kick butt internet marketing is necessary sometimes. If you want to become a profitable internet marketing women and you can’t pull yourself away from all the hype, my suggestion would be not to invest in Make Your Site Sell because it requires dedication and patience. Make Your Site Sell is not for those get rich quick, make money online fast dreamers, it’s for those who take action. It’s built for the women on the web that are willing to spend a few hours a day building wealth slowly.

Take a look at the six-year-old darling in the video below to see just how much she loves Ken Evoy and how he has helped her mom working from home to give up the commute…. A trusted make your site sell review.

Women In Business And A Marketer’s Mindset.

Women in business have a few things to think about before they begin in this internet marketing industry.

First thing to do is evaluate your individual mindset to see if you’ve got what it takes to be an online entrepreneur from conception to fully-functional success operation. It’s not enough to say you want to be a profitable women or that you want to make money online or that you want to fire boss.

Every women that I know wants the above things, but not everyone of us will achieve those goals. It takes a special woman in business to be successful beyond her dreams. But before I jump into the details, let me say this… It’s not necessary to be a workaholic, a male or be willing to engage in questionable marketing tactics. You just need to have a few characteristics that are common to most successful women in business. photo by spoon

This industry requires deep commitment and dedication. If you’re the type to change jobs with your moods, then stick to a 9-5 gig. Understand this, you’re building a business and it going to take time, effort, and a whole lot of testing and tweaking to make it work.

The great internet marketing woman do not get their panties in a bunch over simple stuff. They assess, reevaluate, plan and take action. They create schedules and plans for their day, week, month, year, and sometimes even further down the road. Consider all that you do in a day for your family.

Now listen very carefully, in becoming a great women in business, you’ll have to plan every step of a launch even before the product development even begins. You’ll have to plan every single detail you can think of. The more meticulous a sista is with her plans, the fewer things will catch us by surprise.

Consider this, to become an authority in any niche, you need to exude poise and self-confidence. Considering in the beginning you may be worried, anxious, and/or unsure of yourself, what you project to the masses must be that you have got your stuff together – you can’t be paralyzed by panic.

Just let this sink in for a minute: How long are willing to be a student of internet marketing? No successful women in business ever makes it to the top, then stops learning the rules of the game. What this means is you’ll eventually become the prey of another hungry guru who’s didn’t drop the ball and kept up to date with the latest practices in your niche so that they then have you taking out your credit card when you let your guard down.

Let me be a little more specific. You have to know how to get from point A to point B on your journey to making Gucci shoe money. Have you every thought of the words you’ll use when your in-laws or spouse questions your choice of “career?” If you’re a gutsy woman in business, the inquisition won’t bother you a bit.

If you are unsure about how to go about designing a blueprint for your own success, don’t know how to set and achieve goals, or have a mindset that’s not in sync with that of victorious woman, it is imperative that you work on those things before you quit the day job and set off on this voyage. You want to be mentally prepared for the bumps and bruises you’ll acquire along the way. Women in business can succeed.