Who am I? I’m Deb George and I’m saying it loud. I’m a sassy and determined female internet marketer who is determined to take internet marketing industry by the horns and bring thousands of women along with me for the ride.

No. I don’t have any screen shots of the million dollar clickbank checks. Not yet. I am just like you. A sista trying to make it in this noisy internet marketing game. I live in Long Island, NY. I have two kids. I work a job that I am trying to get out of. I cook, clean my own house, sing a little, love my family and absolutely LOVE internet marketing.

Which leads me to what I’m about to say. Women are under represented in this game and I plan to change that. Every time I see the word “guru” there’s a masculine name following it. Why? Can’t women become profitable internet marketing mavens. Absolutely!

My goal with profitablesistas.com is to learn exactly what women need to become profitable online business owners, specifically, seek the information (even if I have to stalk a few folks:) and deliver it to you on a silver platter. That’s it in a nutshell.

Join me as I start the revolution of women internet marketers in 2008 and beyond.

Yes. Ladies. I’ve been busy. However, I haven’t received as much feedback as I would like from you. I need to know what you need in order to deliver the goods. With that said, connect with me @ debgeorge on twitter orĀ  facebook | or

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Internet Marketing Diva
Internet Marketing Diva