John Reese is talking to you

John Reese is one of the few male gurus I happen to follow. When he speaks I listen. It’s almost as if he has me mesmerized:) Not only is the man Drop-Dead-Gorgeous but he is a kind and kindred spirit and it resonates.

Anyway…. back to what I was going to inform you of.

John has just posted an interesting blog post. He poses a question of whether you can make more money by marketing to fewer people. Ya think he is talking to you? Heck yeah! Despite what some so-called gurus say, this I believe true.

There is simply no escaping what John Reese has to say. He doesn’t post often so when he does, I listen. Go NOW and read his post.

What John Reese has to say is very valuable. Especially to women. Now, I’m not saying that you should do as I do. However, what I am saying is the man knows what he is talking about. And most times I happen to agree with him. Unlike a lot of other so-called gurus.

I’ll let you know why I feel that John Reese is talking to me specifically in this post at a later date. For now, just make sure you read what he has to say. And don’t forget to let me know what you think.

Author: DebGeorge

Deb George has intentions. Her intentions are very specific: help thousands of women to become profitable online internet marketers.

2 thoughts on “John Reese is talking to you”

  1. I agree with you Deb , I have a Internet business helping people to turn their hobby or Interests into a home based business and some times you can get so busy and lose your focus and having a friend like John can help you to get back on track, marketers can help each other. honest one’s

  2. Yes Tony,

    And women have a tendency to make sure they stay busy helping everyone but themselves. We get lost in helping the kids, the parents, the partners and so forth. This is why I’m doing this.

    Women have to learn to take care of themselves too.

    Thanks for the feed back.

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