Internet Gurus And Why I Never Believe Them

I posted yesterday about how Jack Humphrey of Authority Site Center fame recommended that if you used the review (comparing products) model for affiliate marketing you should only link to your number one product. I have always compared the leading 3 or 4 products and rank them in order but have affiliate links to them all where possible. Jack says to compare them but only link to your number 1 recommendation. He says my way offers the visitor too many choices and in the end this leads to indecision and nothing gets clicked.

This got me wondering if I had stopped buying from the guru’s because they had caused me indecision by sharing their ..

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#1 @CoachDeb (1 comments.) on 05.29.08 at 4:49 am

Aloha Deb,

you’re funny!
I thought the … was giving me the “more” part of
this post… and then – I realized – my “thoughts”
had to finish the sentence – LOL

Here’s the deal w/ that old-school advice.

It might have worked back in the olden days
when the internet 1 page sales letter was all the rage.

It’s based on scientific experiments on DOGS.

But more women who buy on the internet
actually do more research and “comparison”
shopping than men do.

Translation =
Men buy like dogs
Women buy like women and PREFER choices

I guess Quinlan was right in her book,
“Just Ask a Woman” about how women buy

Tweet cha lata’ sistah!

#2 DebGeorge (42 comments.) on 05.31.08 at 6:17 pm

@CoachDeb Girl you are so right and that is a great book. I need to write a review on it. I think ALL women should read it 🙂

#3 DebGeorge (42 comments.) on 09.02.08 at 3:07 am

Update: The owner of the has accused me of plagiarism. As EVERYONE should be able to see. There is a source with a back link at the bottom of that post that points to where the article came from.

Some folks are just rude. I found an interesting article and posted it here for you to enjoy, gave the author credit and they, in return, blatantly accuse me of stealing their work. Come On People!

Gimme a break.

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