Overcome Fear By Analyzing Them

“Fear is the world’s number one problem . . . most of our fears are hidden . . . take a constructive and fear­less look at fear . . . you can’t have fear and wealth too.” by Deb George photo by apesara

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from women in regard to having a fear of failure in their business or lack there of. Hence the following article.It is my belief that fear gives rise to more trouble in the life and business of women than all other causes put collectively. It is my quest here to help women who want to become profitable business owners to help themselves by getting them to confront their hidden fears in three steps. While fear often is the real trouble, the underlying cause and not the problem women have come to talk about, which actually is the emergence or consequence that the hidden, unrecognized fear has produced. Consequently, the first step in overcoming fear is to analyze the problem women art facing in order to expose possible hidden fears.

Whilst these buried fears are found, we handle them in the same way that we handle the open or recognized fears. But most of our fears are hidden. A number of women subconsciously believe that they don’t deserve or are not worthy of success. In their conscious, reasoning mind, they want to be forgiven for some reason or another and want true wealth but require extra motivation as they venture into online success.

Women have a way of going around in a circles, failing to take a step out and up, and so wearing their rut into a deep trench from which they then cannot climb out alone. This often is the result of failing to analyze the problem until the fear is found. Until it is discovered there

is no basis for overcoming fear at all. There is work involved.

It is important to note that not all problems women have with becoming successful arise from fear. Sometimes a prob­lem is the result of laziness, indifference, lack of accurate information or any one of many other causes. Problems of life are normal. Problems, however, can present opportunities for growth. However, some problems present a happy challenge and contain no fear whatsoever.

Here are three simple steps to overcome fear:

1 –Analyze your fears. It is not conceivable to overcome fear until you have uncovered the false belief that gave rise to them in the first place. Pray, meditate, talk it out, write it down; but search deep inside and you will find what you are afraid of. You will never get around the fact that all fear arises from a false belief.

2- Analyze the fear you do find, or already know you have until you uncover the false belief that gave rise to it. Think about why you will this way, what happened to make you feel this way, when you started feeling this way, etc..

3- Find new information. The final step involved is finding the facts which you can accept

and which collectively provide brand-new belief and a new mental attitude toward yourself, your business, your problems and all life for that matter.

Fear is a feeling that we will not get the good we desire, or that something bad is going to happen that we do not want to happen but are powerless to prevent. As soon as we know how to obtain the good, or to prevent the bad from coming about, the fear is translates into promise, which then sets up some form of action -physical, mental or spiritual and generally all three. The more action that takes place the more eminent faith in yourself rises, and the flow of energy will be reversed with the belief. This continues until the problem is resolved. Women can then move along on a plateau until some other situation arises which jeopardizes their good. This will start another circle of fear and inhibits accomplishment and/or success. If you truly want to be successful at what you do you’ll have to learn how to handle it briefly, fully and so repeatedly that overcoming fear becomes an automatic habit for you.

To recap, lets start by analyzing your problems for possible hidden fears. Analyze the fear that you have found, or already know you have until you uncover the false belief that gave rise to it. Then seek and find new information, and/or facts which help you to understand and accept what will set you free from fear.

It is a process of learning the truth which will set you free and help you to overcome your fear and allow you to prosper in business.

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Author: DebGeorge

Deb George has intentions. Her intentions are very specific: help thousands of women to become profitable online internet marketers.

6 thoughts on “Overcome Fear By Analyzing Them”

  1. Very good advice and logical instruction of methods of analysis
    It is true that fear, anxiety ET all often cause people to limit their vision and action towards their goals and self fulfillment
    How much is reasonable fear and fears to protect themselves and their families and how much is overwrought anxieties
    It’s always a good question

  2. I think women in general put very high demands on themselves. Too high demands can indeed give fear of failure.
    I have my own fears and I will use your advise.

  3. @Carolin, you are so right. That’s why we have to stop being afraid and take chances for ourselves and start thinking about our future (not just those of our children and friends and family). We will prevail..

  4. I really needed to read this article today. I am one woman who is certainly going to take this knowledge and apply it to my life. This article spoke to me and I am going to uncover my hidden fears and start a new cycle of overcoming fear in my life. I feel more powerful already! Thank you D George!!

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