Jim Rohn – Death of a Legend

Jim Rohn – Death of A Great Man!

Thank you Jim, no one could have said it better!

Jim Rohn has passed away. If you do not know his work, it’s never too late to become inspired. If you know him, what a great time to celebrate the teachings of this great teacher.

Here’s one of my all time favorite Jim Rohn video’s. It’s called “Avoid Being Broke and Stupid.”

Hailed as one of the most influential thinkers of our time, Jim Rohn knows the secrets of success in business and life. Jim’s compelling presentation will awaken the unlimited power of achievement within you as you.

He was an outstanding and very powerful motivational speaker.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jim!

Let’s talk about  the Jim Rohn Death – Share your favorite quote or video?

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Author: DebGeorge

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13 thoughts on “Jim Rohn – Death of a Legend”

  1. Hey Deb, one of my favorite comments he made was, “you’re not a tree, you can move”….meaning that we don’t have to accept where we are, we have the potential to make changes

  2. Jim; it was a miraculous life you had, no one was like you in the outer world.
    It is a day that saddens our hearts,
    Our sense shivers with melancholy to hear such news,
    No one was like Jim, and no one will ever be,
    It is like a dream to me, but what a dream?
    It is such a nightmare to hear,
    My words cannot express the gratitude,
    Rest in peace.

    My sincere condolences to your family Jim, I know it is hard for them, as it is for us.

  3. I Have Spent Many Nights listning to Jim\’s knowledge and wisdom on my ipod (on repeat many times- going into my sub concious)

    he taught me alot about self devolopment- not to hang in there year in year out
    the influence of people,learning from failure(which i say to myself – it\’s an investment for the future)

    Jim – thank you so much for showing me the steps – from being an angry person blaming everyone for my messed up life, because today i still have my moments, but have the acceptance to be content, balanced and be happy…

    example : talk talk song – lifes what you make it

    God Bless You Jim

    Jason London

  4. Jim Rohn – What can one say. Great Mind Absolute Genius. He\\\’s really made an impact on the way I think and I\\\’m so grateful to be thinking of him today and also writing about the importance of personal development mentored by A man of with great experience. RIP Jim Rohn.

    Aroha Mai~~

    ~Maria Eves~
    New Zealand

  5. if you want to know where to start selling, throw up a rock and where ever it lands start there. The first person you come to, you can say; your closest to the rock, that will start a conversation; No one said it like Jim.

  6. So many intelligent things this man shared with us. Life changing insights. ” Don’t just make a living. Design a life” . ” Affirmations without action are the beginning of delusion”. This one is not a exact quote but the spirits of it is …… its not what giving more than you need to does for others, it’s what i does for you inside yourself. Thank you Jim for being my friend when I wasn’t a very good friend to myself.

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