What The Heck Is PHP?

PHP is also known as Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open source (free), server-side (meaning run from your server), scripting language that is used to create web pages.The site you are reading right now is made up of this language. If you’ve every visited a site that ends with “.php”, then you come across it. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. With PHP, you can embed HTML right into a PHP script. You can basically use PHP to build your entire website, graphics included and embed your HTML right into the darn thing.

Here’s a little bit of what it looks like:

<!– post form data to form.php –>
18 <form method = “post” action = “form.php”>
19 <img src = “images/yourphoto.gif” alt = “User” /><br />
20 <span style = “color: yellow”>
21 Please fill out all the fields below.<br />
22 </span>

Look confusing? It’s not. While I am no PHP expert, I recommend anyone who owns their own website to become somewhat familiar with both PHP and HTML. I did so by just toying around with my own website. I mean, if you want to change the background color of you website and can’t get in touch with your programmer, you need to know how to do it. We shouldn’t just be sitting around waiting for a color change. Time is money.

PHP is very popular because of it’s strength in compatibility with other databases. In layman’s terms that means that this language works wonders with all sorts of other programs and it’s very fast.

If you are at all interested in learning a bit about this scripting language, let me know and I’ll bring some information to this site.

Most women I know are not too much into the technology behind it all and don’t really want to be bothered with learning or studying a scripting language. However, if you are looking to have your own website (and you should b), knowing a little HTML and PHP can make your life a bit less complicated. Are you interested? If so, give me some feedback.

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