Thank You Ted Kennedy

I’m not into politics as some of my fellow country men and women are. However, I feel compelled to say a special thanks to a man I admired.     So here goes:   Ted_KennedyThank you Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Thank you for fighting for me.

Thank you for hearing the silent cries of those didn’t even suspect you were fighting for them.

Thank you for your resilience in helping shatter the “ISM’s”.

Thank you for your for trying to right the wrongs committed on us.

Thank you so much for your knowing that the ends are not meeting and continuing to encourage us despite that.

Thank you for you perserverance and courage to stand up for those who could not bear the weight on their legs anymore.

Thank you for your for advocating for the “minority”.

As President Obama said so eloquently, “Ted Kennedy’s life’s work was not to champion those with wealth or power or special connections, It was to give a voice to those who were not heard, to add a rung to the ladder of opportunity, to make real the dream of our founding.”

May you meet up with your brothers and rest in peace.

Author: DebGeorge

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