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A couple of years ago I started thinking about earning money online. I dreamt about sitting at home and still supporting my family. So I started my job search and went on the Internet. First thing that caught my attention was the amount of such job offers saying you can earn a fortune. It was all very suspicious. During the next couple of years this idea never left me and I continued the search. So I would like to share my experience and opinion on this subject with you.

Even though there is a lot of scam and fraud in the online moneymaking, still there are some decent ways to earn money on the Internet.

One of them is to get a real job online. What you could do is, for example, take surveys online or doing some data entry. A lot of companies are willing to hire people for taking surveys or sharing their opinion online.

Another good idea to earn money is to open an online shop and sell some items taking the commission from it. How it works. You create a website, put your clients’ goods on the pages of your website and when customers click on the products and then buy them you get commission from the purchase.

If you are good at writing you could also get a blog. You could write about anything and earn money by placing ads in the web pages of your blog. The more and interesting you blog is. And if the blog is popular, the more traffic you will have and, hopefully, more sales.

You can also sell things on the online auctions. You can sell pretty much anything there. You could also become an affiliate seller and join one of those programs that will have a web site ready for you with sales talk and all the links. But still don’t forget to make your own research in order not to get fooled. Find out all the information necessary, like, for example, if what you are doing is legitimate. Or if you are made to pay first, then think about it, because after you pay you may never hear from them again.

And, again, you can sell items. But this time if you are good at crafts you can create something by yourself, and then sell it, instead of selling something that somebody else made.

If you are good with marketing one of the most profitable ways to make money online is to join a big marketing company and recruit perspective employees or build a downline. Just try to stay away from pyramids.

These are just some legitimate ways of earning money in the Internet. The list is surely very long. Maybe you will be able to find or create your own. Anyway, there is definitely something for everybody in online moneymaking.

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Deb George has intentions. Her intentions are very specific: help thousands of women to become profitable online internet marketers.

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