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I was forced into a job change and didn’t know what I was going to do. My spouse is a stay at home mother to our little girl, the house, all the bills and suddenly I didn’t have a job. I did have a little savings but not an adequate amount of. I tried getting a new job in my business but with the downturn there were 10 people for every position.

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It was out of desperation that I started surfing the make money online websites. I started to get accustomed with some of the speech and there seemed to be so many out there I had to ask myself, are people really making money affiliate marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing Anyway
First I had to find out what affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing was. What I discovered is that affiliate marketing is when one markets a product for a business on the internet, when a transaction is made you get a fee. At first it sounded too hard, a long shot. I have never been a fee guy, I like a steady revenue. I did my research and then I started doing the arithmetic.

Thousands and thousands of companies that have affiliate marketing plans. There are billions of people on the internet everyday and alot of them, maybe even more than 50% of them buy things on the internet. Then the answer was obvious, people ARE making money affiliate marketing. What do I need to learn for affiliate marketing?

There are a lot of diverse websites, systems, books and so on out there that claimed to show me affiliate marketing methods. I am an interactive student – meaning I do best when I have someone to teach me, to answer my questions, to give me a shove when I get jammed.

Maybe You Are Questioning If I Am Making Money Internet Marketing
So I have been at this project for five months now and possibly you are questioning if I am making money affiliate marketing? Sure there was a lot to learn and I nearly gave up in the beginning, but I kept with it and unexpectedly it clicked; I saw the simplicity in it, put my nose to the grind stone and started making money affiliate marketing.

I know there are a lot people in the same boat I was in, or maybe you just want a change. No matter what the case may be I am here to say you can do it. You can be making money affiliate marketing if you actually want to.

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