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Are you tired and aggravated spending your time and effort writing article after article without seeing any outcome? Are you new to article marketing and want to learn effective writing strategies and get it correct the first time? If you think that you can’t put pen to paper that is just poppycock! Anyone can write articles and be very successful once you know how it is done. I have put together some effective writing strategies that have worked well for me and you can copy them if you like.

Know your target audience:
You are more than likely writing articles to advance some kind of product or to make your list. Of course, you want to get the best traffic you can to visit your site that are in fact interested in what you have to present. Well, in order to accomplish this you need to know who your targeted readers are. You need to put yourself in there shoes and think like they do. Ask yourself 3 simple questions to learn who your targeted readers are.
1. What are those people looking for when they go online?
2. What kind of information are they searching for?
3. Do they have any troubles related to what you have to present?

Calculating the answers to these questions can help you to put together effective writing strategies that get results.

Keywords are the real secret:
One of the most critical pieces of your effective writing strategies is finding and integrating the correct keywords. Most article writers just don’t get it when it comes to keywords. Keyword phrases are what give you high ranking in the search engines and these are the keywords your readers are entering into the search engines. Without keywords you are wasting your time writing articles. Tip: Utilize your keywords in your title and through out your article. Use high search results and low competition for your keywords and you ought to do fine. Use this free keyword search tool: seobook.com.

Give readers a reason to click:
One of the most effective writing strategies is to use your resource box wisely. Your resource box for an opportunity to command the click. There are a lot of writers that do their resource boxes completely wrong or forget to do them at all. Your resource box needs to give your readers a reason to click on your link to your site so, give them a good reason. You can offer them a free ebook, an ecourse, or more information. Only make it stand out! Think of your resource box as a 30 second commercial as to why they should go to your site. Make sure you tell them to click on your link. This is a mistake that of a lot of article writers forget.

Have an attention grabbing title:
Make sure your title gets the attention of your readers. Make it advantage driven and full of interest. Use expressive words to jazz it up and make sure to use your keywords in your title. Tip: Remember to keep this thought in mind when building your title “Whats In It For Me”. This is what your reader really desires to know and is interested in!
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