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Previous to trying to tell you, based on my experience, how to build up an effective articles marketing strategy – let me try to illustrate why it is imperative that you do so.

Articles in the newspaper, magazines, and professional journals have always been the most effective way of showing our audience that our insights have value.

For university professors the expression “publish or perish” meant literally that, if you could not get your work in print by a reputable educational magazine, it was unlikely that you would be taken sufficiently seriously by your peers – putting a very real ceiling on your career development.

In 1483 Martin Luther used his writing to start a revolution in faith that spread around the world. Others before and since have used the power of the written word to promote themselves, their opinions, and their uniqueness in their marketplace.

The majority of us regular individuals develop our articles marketing strategy to help us gain customers or customers. We want to rise above the noise of our competitors, give matter not propaganda, and we want to back up our assertions with details – all things we can do more effectively through an article writing movement than in any other way.

And since there is no editorial board running the Internet, we do not have to seek the endorsement of our “betters” in order to get our message in print – making relevant and well reasoned articles a small business marketing strategy that can be truly effective.

When your articles drive individuals to your web site you have done the hard part. Receiving the right traffic to our sites is job #1.

Since individuals search the Internet for solutions and your articles address them compellingly enough for folks to click through to your web site – you have won the fight for their consideration. You must now change that fleeting notice into action. Depending on your product or service and the normal buying process you may have an opt-in page powered by a shopping cart system, straightforward direct sales offers, or another relevant call to action.

Unnecessary to say there is no “single” articles marketing strategy that is most effective for all of us all the time or there would be just one. Of course there are some that work better than others – and what will work best for you depends upon your strengths and your objectives.

While I began writing articles for online journal I had an objective – something I want individuals to do after reading them and something I required to become more widely known for. You should do the same.

Are you an specialist? Well of course you are, even if you feel funny about identifying yourself as an authority. In your field you are an authority. It is up to you to define what you are an expert at, illustrate your particular individuality. Practically everyone is an authority at something and if you really don’t believe yourself an authority then you can learn to be one by hiring somebody that is actually an expert and modeling them.

Did I mention that this is a small business marketing strategy that costs next to nothing, other than your time researching and writing the articles themselves? You can with no trouble set up an autoresponder system powered by a shopping cart program and hand out these articles in the form of an email newsletter.

This is not your usual newsletter that requires you to go to the printer and issue a three or four page synopsis of what’s going on in your business or community. It is an electronic version of that old-fashioned, and in its time, nearly all effective marketing and customer retention tool.

In order to set up your 21st century email bulletin, you need a small business marketing strategy that allows you to gather e-mail addresses. Let’s say that you start out with one of your customer’s e-mail addresses. You send them a copy of your electronic bulletin. (Always ask for permission first)

If the bulletin includes some bit of information that their friends would find interesting, encourage them to send it along to them. Study indicates that most folks have at least six friends that they contact regularly.

Since of the status of social networking, some individuals have dozens of friends that they are in touch with on a standard basis. With an effective articles marketing strategy, you can tap into that network and grow your business.

One suggestion I always make if you expect to have an useful small business marketing strategy is to precisely identify your specific niche audience. What collection or groups of individuals would be particularly involved in your products or services? If so, that’s your niche. Are there discussion boards, social networks or e-magazines targeting that niche?

There is a web site for almost every hobby or group curiosity that you can think of. If you run a business that made kites, you can find exact groups of individuals that are kiting enthusiasts. All that you need to do is to start writing short informational articles about kites and then post those articles at a kiting e-magazine. A link would be placed in the article that connects to your web site.

This type of articles marketing strategy does not even need you to gather e-mail addresses to grow your business
. It’s all electronic.

Discover more about these strategies and start watching your client base grow.
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