Ways to attract Free Traffic for your Blog?

Feeling angry paying lots of money on advertising your blog or website, just to get traffic? It is indeed a heart pain to spend money on paid advertising. How nice it could be if there were free advertising methods to promote your blog and get the traffic you would love to see! Just to help you ease your headache on this, I’ve included in this article, ways to get free unpaid advertising for your blog that works.

•Article Marketing
Article Marketing is a popular method of getting your blog link known to the pubic. This involves writing articles and posting them on online articles websites. Normally, you will get to include your link in the resource box at the end of the article. How much traffic you are able to draw to your blog will have to depend very much on the quality of the content that you wrote. If readers find that the information on the article is useful to them and finds you to be a credible writer, they might click on your link to find out more and this earns you traffic to your blog.
There are many article submission websites and is impossible to manually submit to all of them. You can either manually submit articles to some of the few selected popular ones or choose to use a software to submit articles to all of them automatically
For a start, if you do not have the time and is budget-constraint, I would advise you to submit manually to a few articles submission websites first.

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•Participation in online forum discussion
Another way to expose your blog address to more people is through forum discussion. You will have to create a signature whereby you can input your blog url address and this signature will be seen at the end of each posting you make in the forum. So the more active you participate in such forums’ discussion, the more exposure you will bring to your blog’s url.
However, try to participate in forums with discussion topic that is similar to your niche. In this way, this will increase the chance of getting more interested and targeted readers to your blog. (Example: Your blog is about blogging, if you post in a forum with topic under blogging, more likely that people in this particular forum are already interested in blogging and would like to find out more, therefore they are more likely to click into your link to explore.)

•Exchange links with related niche sites
This method is quite simple and you need to exchange links with other blogs, preferably those who are in the same niche as yours. Search engines are more likely to rank you higher in the page if you have lots of links to such popular niche sites.
To start, keep a list of all the websites that you would like to link to, preferably those who have high page ranking in google. Then create a link on your blog to link to their website. After that, ask to have them link back to you. Constantly follow up to see if they have linked to you and if they do not, simply remove their links on your own website. If they do, you just earned a link.

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