Is Affiliate Marketing Any Good? Discover the 5 Steps to Success. Useful Info to Keep in Mind

Is Affiliate Marketing any good is a question I get quite a lot from my subscribers. I always tell them that it can be awesome or terrible. A lot depends on the Affiliate Marketer, some are very lucky to make a lot of money almost right away and for some, like myself when I started out. It took me a long time, it was an uphill struggle for such a long time and then I figured out that there is a system, a step by step process you need to follow, and you cannot skip a step. The process that I am referring to is not difficult, not rocket science, and there is no magic involved.

Step 1 – Researching a Niche

Many internet marketing new starters ask if affiliate marketing is any good and they will never find out if they don’t approach things the correct way. So, start with research and by going to Google and search for “trends”. The first result you will find is for Google Trends, and this is a great start. The idea here is to find a hot top, you should by now be presented with a list of Today’s Hot Trends – under the top 10 searched terms for today you will notice another link for More Hot Trends

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