Seven Ways To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing. Interesting Points to Remember

Affiliate Marketing means selling other people’s product/services to earn a commission. Today we will see seven ideas to earn income using the power of Affiliate programs:

1. PayPerclick ads is the fastest way to get sales as an affiliate but making profit does take a great effort. This is because of severe competition. The solution is to find profitable niche first and then profitable keywords for that particular niche. High demand and low supply keywords are considered profitable if the niche has a high volume potential.

Promote the lead-capture page instead of sales page so that the PPC visitor can be followed for sales using Autoresponder later. It takes as much as 7 followup messages to make a sale but that’s better than losing it.

2. Forum Marketing is very good because it’s free. If you have lot of time then you can use Forum Marketing to build your double-optin list and then make sales for your favorite affiliate programs using that email list. Money is in the list. Never post blatant ads in forums. Use only auto-signature to promote your website/program. Solve forum member’s problems and help them. They will surely visit your website sooner or later.

3. List building is the bottom line for any online business. No matter how good a website is ranked it can still make loads of cash daily if the owner has thousands of loyal and targeted double-optin subscribers. So list building is very important. Every Internet Marketer realizes the importance of having a targeted list sooner or later.

4. Link building and SEO basically mean getting free organic search engine traffic which is highly targeted. This is tough code to crack initially but once done correctly does provide steady growing cash flow. Search engines love relevant one way links. So let’s provide those to them. This can be achieved by Joint-ventures, link exchange or paid link promotion services.

5. Unbiased and honest reviews are a nice way to earn affiliate commissions. The reader feels confortable learning from someone who already has described the PROS and CONS of the product/service. Reviews is a big business and this concept has been working very well. Allowing the customers to post a feedback about the review also creates a positive atmosphere.

6. Article marketing is all about Content, Traffic and Preselling. Yes, you guessed right. This leads to lot of money. But Article marketing can be frustrating and time wasting if done wrongly. One has to write articles only targeting profitable keywords for the targeted niche. If we want to promote an affiliate program then we should write articles about affiliate marketing and affiliate programs. Keyword density need not be over 2% otherwise some search engine spiders may consider it spam or junk. Article writing is boring for most people hence they keep procastinating about it and do everything to avoid it. But if done right this is THE way to make money online. Most successful article marketers love article marketing and cant stop doing it once it becomes a (good) habit.

7. Blogging works. We see so many new blogs launching every day. Focus has to be on quality. Visitors cannot be taken for granted though. High quality targeted content with both onpage and offpage SEO has to be done properly for search engines to start loving the Blog. A niche Blog with a personal touch sells more because visitors develop a relationship with the blogger. Most of the very successful bloggers blog about How to make money online. This is one of the hottest way to earn profits using Affiliate programs. Blogger can directly post affiliate links on the blog OR capture leads on Blog and then sell affiliate products and services using email marketing. WordPress is the preferred platform by most blogs for it’s ease of use and flexibility.

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