Earn Internet Money While You Learn

With the Recession in full bloom these days more and more people are looking to earn Internet Dollars from home. Work at home moms and dads, students in college, people who are at risk of losing their jobs and even those who are unemployed all have the same interest, earn Internet Dollars using their computer at home.

I have found myself in the above mentioned group and maybe you have the same or similar circumstances that are motivating you. Here is what I and many like me are doing to earn Internet Dollars and I would like to invite you to give it a try. It is called Affiliate Marketing and it is a great means by which you can earn Internet Dollars from home or any other place where you could access the Internet, even the public library!

Affiliate Marketing is, in a nutshell, selling merchant’s products. You get paid commissions when ever someone you send (referral) to a merchant makes a purchase. Commissions range from 5 to 75 percent depending on the product. The nice thing about this arrangement is you do not have to carry any inventory or have to punch a clock. You are your own boss and can work any time you like. You earn Internet Dollars at your own convenience.

The product owner provides you your own personal affiliate link which is an address to a sales page you can send your customers to that is marked with your own personal tag so any purchases are credited to you. You will not need any web page building software or skills since this is already done for you by the product owner. I use this very technique to earn Internet Dollars from home. It is called Direct Linking and is the easiest way to get started.

There are hundreds of ways to advertise your affiliate product and many of these are free or almost free being ideal for those of us on tight incomes. I use several every day. Article marketing (what I am doing now), classified ads, forum posting, blogging, and e-mail marketing just to mention a few. These earn Internet Dollars methods can be used by anyone and are not all that hard to learn.

A good idea to learn the skills is to join an online
Affiliate Marketing School. There are some very good ones available online and they are reasonably priced. A membership in one of these online courses is very valuable and can cut the learning curve greatly. I belong to two very good online courses and they have given me all the pieces of the earn Internet Dollars puzzle.

Online courses have a monthly fee. At first this may seem to be expensive but that is not really the case. They also have in house affiliate programs. By promoting your online school to others you can have your monthly fee covered by the 3rd sale. Any referrals after that is Internet Dollars in your pocket. You will actually earn Internet Dollars while learning! Both of my memberships were paid for in the first thirty days using techniques I learned from the online courses I belong to. I also have a $500 plus reoccurring income from my referrals!

Hi, my name is Robert Hemken Jr and I am not the brightest person on the planet, which proves that if I can earn Internet Dollars at home so could you!

Jump start your making Internet Dollars at home by joining an Affiliate Marketing Course as soon as possible.

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Author: DebGeorge

Deb George has intentions. Her intentions are very specific: help thousands of women to become profitable online internet marketers.

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