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Why do people want to make money? The correct question should be why do people need to make extra money. And the reasons vary from the people you talk to. Let’s look at a few possible reasons why.

Lost Their Job
With the current state of the economy there is no longer any guarantees that you will make it to retirement with the same job. And it is not held to one or two regions of the country, it is global. You can be in a strong field or industry one day and then the bottom drops out and reductions are made. Those who lost their jobs are in a position of needing to make money. But how? Am I to go back to school and train for another position? Do I rely on others to provide? Well for a proud person the answer is really clear. I retired from the military and was still young enough to start another career. But even in 2001 the job markets were hard. But the best thing to do is to take action for yourself. Remember that every journey starts with a single step. And that is what I did. I stepped out on faith.

Get Out Of Debt
Another reason many people can relate to is the need to get out of debt. The less the better. How do I accelerate the pace that I get out of debt? Take a strong look at your current income and your current life style. Are things adding up at the end of the month? Is there anything left after paying the bills? I have a budget but there still seems to not be enough money to go around. The obvious answer is to get another job. But that leads to is there enough hours in the day for another job? After working hard for eight or ten hours a day, can there be any thing left for something else? The possible choice would be to start with a job that you can do at home. One that requires a little time and effort and still provide some additional income. Where is such a job? The internet is the answer. There are opportunities online every day. Many that require very little money to start and requires no inventories or shipping on your part. Just starting out, I would recommend an affiliate program.

Don’t Want To Work Forever
People who don’t want to work forever needs to make the money while they can and make it early so they will have the time to enjoy it. Enjoy the fruits of their labors. I really do not know anyone who wants to work forever. Life is too short to not enjoy it. An excellent choice is to do something that you enjoy doing. Do something that you have control of. Do something that will allow you to set your own pace, do a little work now and a little play later. There has to be a balance between the two. The way is to be your own boss. You are the boss doing what you enjoy doing. Set your own hours and still enjoy life as you provide for your financial needs. The answer to how to be able to do that is affiliate marketing.

So What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way that you can make substantial amount of money, even while still learning the “ins and out”. There is no inventory for you to maintain and not need to deal with shipping charges and costs. All of the is handled by the company or program that you associate with. You basically market a product or service for someone else and for every sale you make a commission. But where do you start when looking for a program? You would need to associate with a program that has the heart of a teacher. One that will be there to provide you with help and assistance at every step of the way. With the advent of the internet, there are numerous sites and programs out there. I know I felt overwhelmed by all the content out there. But after doing some research, I felt that one program answered all my questions and provided assistance as I continued to grow in the system. And that program that I affiliated with is Wealthy Affiliate University. They provide support with programs such as: Learning Center, an 8 week Action Plan, Research Center, Marketing Materials and much, much more. But to be effective on the internet you need a web site, well Wealthy Affiliate provides every member a web site and web hosting to get you started. And did I mention both are included in you membership? So for me the choice was clear: I wanted to make more money and do it with affiliate marketing. And just starting out, I found that all my needs were supplied by Wealthy Affiliate University.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Have To Offer? Will It Work For Me?
Making money online is not a new ideal. But with Wealthy Affiliate their goal is to your success. And to accomplish this they provide the following to help you achieve your goals:
• Forum- an informal area where member post comments and questions for other members.
• Site Rubix- Your Web Site development center. And did I mention your web site is FREE?
• Hosting- save your money with your web site by offering web hosting. Also free to members.
• 8 Week Action Plan- devoted to beginners and experts in Internet Marketing
Research Center and Marketing Materials. Also so much more for all it’s members. This has been coined as “Your One Stop – Shop” for all your Affiliate Marketing needs. Is Wealthy Affiliate for real? You now have the information to answer. Learn why Wealthy Affiliate has helped 1000’s earn money online.

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