Blogging Makes My Life

Blogging has become a way of staying connected with the world whilst taking advantages of your potentials in writing. Blogs have become a venue for thoughts and ideas to come out as an expression with a purpose of recognition and acknowledgement. People enjoy a blog as a venue for expression often for the social aspect of having people read what you have written and then comment with their own opinions. You can get a ton of information about webinars.

What do I personally get out of writing a blog? Primarily I like getting my thoughts down on the computer for people to expand on. There is a certain connection felt as I weaved word for word, snippets to lexis until I come up with a masterpiece. It is like words are my world and I a part of it. It is the longing of the mind to say something and the hands to make it happen. All of my thoughts are a story that needs to told and so I write them and press publish.

The love for blogging may be written in countless ways, but here are the major reasons why blogging is the ‘it’ thing turning the globe in rage.

1. Self Expression
If you search over the internet there are as many blog posts out there as there are grains of sand on the beach. A lot of people have been hooked on blogs that they own not only one but two or more accounts. Most people are mind speakers; they excel best and express themselves more through conceiving ideas and thoughts in their minds and knitting it to publish in their blogs. Some people like to blog on one specific topic, while others spread out and talk about anything that comes to mind. Either way it’s a great opportunity to put your opinions out there. It’s a great avenue to exercise your right to have an opinion.

2. Customize all you want
Another way a blog can let you express yourself is through customization of its look. If your blog is all about fashion, it is expected that you modify it with something that is fashion affiliated. It’s not hard to find one since there are millions available out there. The way a blog looks can say a lot about a person who writes it.

3. Social Interaction
People enjoy the companionship of being able to comment on other people’s blogs as well. Everything on a blog, from photos to words to layout, tells a story about the author and is a way of getting a look into their life.

When it all boils down to it I guess the best part is just being able to be myself. Regardless of the fact that my readers want it or not, would praise or hate me for posting such, I still know that I’ve made something worthy for myself as I continue to live in my little island in the vast cyberspace. Everyday my interest in blogging grows be it learning how to make money online. How about you? Why do you like to blog?

Author: DebGeorge

Deb George has intentions. Her intentions are very specific: help thousands of women to become profitable online internet marketers.

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