Getting Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization Go Together

So you want to make money online, but you can’t get your site in the search engines, this is where SEO comes in. Just follow this one SEO step and you can start making money from home. First let’s start off by explaining what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is the process of making your website search engine friendly, which means you will get a higher rank in the search engine results pages for your targeted keywords.

SEO is vital for the growth and the longevity of your Internet business. There are many, many ways to use SEO to help your site climb to the top of the search engine results. Here we are going to be concentrating on Link Building.

The process of link building is not just one of numerous SEO strategies that are employed on the World Wide Web today; in fact, it is crucial to the success of any website trying to compete in the technological age. Even if you have no other SEO methods in place, your site should at least work on building a reliable base of back links.

You may be wondering why backlinks are so important to the success of your online business and why it should be the base of your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Look at it this way, search engines run a democracy and for every link you have pointing to your site, the search engines concider this a positive vote for your website. Having relevant, reputable sites linking back to a site is one indication of the success and popularity of that site in the eyes of the general online public. And as long as these incoming links are from a quality source then the website’s page rank will improve, there by improving its location within online search results, as well.

OK I can understand that, but what is concidered a “quality backlink”

Well a quality back link is a link pointing to your site from another site that has the same type of content as your own. So if you have a site that sells golfing supplies and other sporting goods, a good quality link would be from a site that also sells sporting goods or from a blog or forum that discusses golf and sporting goods.

Getting a link from a store that sells tropical fish would not be concidered a quality, however every little link will count as a vote, even though the search engines will give your site more juice for links coming from relevant sites.

To sum up: You now know that you need back links and you now know why you need back links. So if you have not started any type of Search Engine Optimization yet for your site or sites, you should start with link building. Get as many links as you possibly can from as many websites as you can and you will find your site slowly climbing to the top of the search engines. That is how you will start making money online.

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