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So how do you select the right Affiliate Marketing company? The best way to do that is look at their compensation plan. How much they will actually pay you should be the focal point. Research the company and find out how long they have been in business. Many fly-by-night companies pop up all the time. Their product seems so appealing you almost want to get started right away. But most of the times their “new” product is just old news. Especially those juice companies.

Many affiliate companies come up with juices that they mix together add a shot of vitamins and “bam” they think their going to be rich. At least that’s what they tell the people who join. They tell them to hurry up and get started on the ground floor and secure a position before the flood gates open. Yeah right, those flood gates never open and they go out of business in about two years or less. Many of the companies don’t plan for the long haul they just want to make a quick buck for the owners at the expense of the many affiliates who join and try to sell the product. You may find yourself paying a monthly auto-ship on a useless product and not getting any money coming in. That’s the number one reason people drop out of affiliate programs. They just count their losses after a few months and stop everything before they loose anymore. This can be avoided if you research the company before you join. Be sure to join a program that has a great track record. A great product that’s affordable is a big factor also. If you can’t afford their auto-ship you can pretty much decide the same for others. If the auto-ship is too high you won’t be able to keep your customers ordering and there goes those commission checks. But on the same note be sure the auto-ship is well priced enough to get you a healthy monthly check.

Be sure the company has a well top notch marketing plan. A great product without know how of how to sell it won’t do anyone any good. The best marketing plan consists of a way to get prospects without getting any personal rejection. Who wants to hear “I’m not interested” and get hung up on all day just to maybe recruit just one or two people? I don’t and hopefully not anyone else. There are far better ways of getting people in your business. Your upline won’t tell you this many times because even though they get paid from the people you bring in-they will not tell you exactly the formula that makes them so much money. They just tell you to call more leads. That was the way they got started, but I seriously doubt they are still doing this. They have found much more productive ways of getting people in their business. Think about it, if you went on the internet typed in a search and their website came up, you joined and then they called you welcoming you to the team-then why are they telling you to do the opposite. They tell you to call leads first and try to get them in your business. There’s a good bit of rejection that goes along with doing it that way and many people don’t like that. Your upline gets people in the business first through their website and other forms of rejection free marketing and then calls and welcomes the sign-ups into the business. This is done much of time through funded proposals. These types of marketing plans are great. They will explode your business without you getting much rejection.

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