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If you knew what was going to happen in the Forex market days in advance, do you think you could make money? What if you could be shown when the major directional movements would occur? Do you think this would help you in your trading?

Our proprietary Forex trading forecasts do just that – they give you a directional forecast for the entire upcoming week – and with remarkable accuracy.


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Know exactly when to trade and how to trade.
Our forecasts predict the direction, swings, pivot points, and highs and lows a week in advance. We post our forecasts every weekend so you can get prepared for the week ahead.

We also show you the times that the high & low pivots are predicted to occur for each forecast.

Our forecasts work best when trading the major high(s) and low(s) for each week. However some use our forecasts to look for good intraday trades as well. Whatever your trading style may be, our forecasts can help you trade better and trade profitably.

Know what type of trading week is ahead – up, down or flat.

Use in conjunction with other trading systems, or simply trade the forecasts on their own.

See the predicted highs & lows enabling you to catch most pivots within an hour or less.

Can prepare you to catch big trends before they start, which often results in very large profits.

• Our system analyzes the many complexities in market behavior and filters them to bring you a simple, easy to follow, highly accurate forecast.
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How are the forecasts generated?
The computer algorithms that generate the forecasts each week are very complex, as they are based on analyzing various cycles and patterns that occur in the market, to come up with a probable prediction for future price movement.

When are the forecasts posted each week?
We post the forecasts every Friday/Saturday after the market closes. This allows you to see the forecast for the next week and have ample time to prepare for it.

Which markets can I trade with your forecasts?
We forecast for the following currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF, GBP/JPY. Any trading instrument that follows these markets can be used to trade our forecasts. We recommend trading Mini Lots or Standard Lots through a Forex broker.

What is the best way to trade your forecasts?
There are four important factors to determine when looking at our forecasts. First is the general direction for the week. Second is the high and low pivots. Third is the amplitude or curve of the line. Fourth is the length in time each move up/down is predicted to occur. Price is not shown on the chart because we do not know what that will be. However, we are able to predict when the market will change direction as well as how long in time a move up or down will be. This is what you need to pay attention to. If using our charts as a stand-alone system, our forecast works best by taking less trades and only trading the larger swings shown on the chart. This will usually result in holding trades for 2-5 days on average.

Do you use back-testing with your system at all?
No. The record you see on the site is real and not the result of back-testing.

Do you offer trade recommendations based on the forecasts?

Yes! Along with the forecast lines, we will tell you the exact times that the lows & highs are predicted to occur according to each chart, in the form of “short” and “long”. You can trade every one of these recommendations or choose or which ones you want to trade. You may have better success by using some discretion or using our forecasts in conjunction with your own trading style/system. Our history page shows the results of trading every recommended trade for each currency pair.

Do you offer an auto-trading solution?
Yes. We have developed an Expert Advisor (EA) that works in tandem with the MetaTrader 4 software. This solution allows our members to automate our trade recommendations each week and only requires about 15-20 minutes each weekend.

How do I read your recommended “long” and “short” signals? Do I close the first trade before opening a new one in the opposite direction?
We issue recommended trades based on our forecast charts to help you understand when the highs and lows are predicted to occur throughout the week. These trade signals are posted the weekend before when we issue our forecast charts for the upcoming week and are shown below each chart. The recommended trades are never changed throughout the week, which gives the trader knowledge beforehand of when to buy and sell for each market.

If the first trade for a given market says “short”, that means we expect a high to occur at that time and we recommend opening a position to the downside. If the next signal for that same pair says “long”, then you are to first close your short position and open a new long position at the same time, in anticipation of the market going up. Another term we use to describe this is to “reverse” your position. If the last signal says “exit” that simply means to close out your last position at the time posted. We never hold trades over the weekend so that last signals shown will always say “exit”.

Do you place stop losses with each trade and do you trade every signal even if stop losses are hit?
We always place stop losses with our recommended trades. These stop loss values are shown for each trading instrument in our members area. The average SL is 175 pips. If a stop loss gets hit for any currency pair, we will continue to trade the next trade recommendation. We always execute each Forex trade recommendation and our performance history reflects this.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes! We pay you up to $100 each and every month your referral’s subscription stays active. You will get $200/month by referring 2 people, $300/month by referring 3….etc. You also get 5% per month for each person your sub-affiliates refer (2nd tier). There is no limit to the amount of people you and your sub-affiliates can refer!

Do you have a trial period for your service?
Yes! For a limited time we are allowing first-time subscribers to try out our forecasts for 7 days for only $4.95!

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