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Building a successful online business is a plus for everybody who desires to retire early or just enjoy life. Everyone dreams of making money from home, but not everyone thinks it is possible. Many people have been “burnt” when it comes to money making offers. They have responded to the ads from “stuffing envelopes” from home to “gifting” programs. If you think about it, why would a company want to pay you to stuff their envelopes with all of today’s technology that can handle that process quicker than any human. They know that many people are desperate to make money and they will respond to ads that they normally would avoid. Now don’t get me wrong, you can make a ton of money quick if you know what you’re doing with “stuffing envelopes”. The money just won’t last long because you will get shut down quick. There is not a legitimate product involved with stuffing envelopes just an endless chain of sign-ups.

Many times the ads will ask you to send $5 or so for more info and a “kit”; when you get the info they instruct you to place the same ad you just responded to. No product is involved with this and it is considered illegal. But like I said cash can be earned by people sending for the kits and info but it won’t last. If you are serious about making money from home you need a program that will last. Many gifting programs don’t last either. They tell you to use certain words and certain words not to use like “earning”.

Gifting programs are borderline legitimate and some are just flat out illegal. But why burn your time building a financial free life with gifting programs just to have Federal Agents come and take it away and freeze your bank accounts. Build your success on solid ground and you won’t have any worries as long as you pay your taxes. Making money from home sure beats having to punch a clock everyday especially at a job you hate.

You can work maybe four hours a day on your business-if you want to call it work and enjoy the rest of the day. This part-time four hours a day can bring you income that doubles and even multiplies many times over the income you would generate from a 9 to 5. You can have time to play with your kids and family, take vacations, and just enjoy life the way it was meant. All this sounds awesome but how do you do it? Research a work at home company and google its creditials.

Check it out with the BBB. Look at their compensation plan and see how long they have been in business. Also check and see if it is a good demand for the product their selling. If the company can beet these standards consider giving them a chance. It is not hard to find work at home companies, but good ones are scarce. If you’re already involved with a work at home company stick with it if it meets the criteria above, if it doesn’t ditch it before you waste anymore money. Find a company that will be around for a long time and build it as high as you can.

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