Portal Feeder Register – How To Take Your Affiliate Marketing To The Next Level!

Portal Feeder affiliate marketing tips are one of the reasons why a membership is so valuable. One of the tips members are encouraged to take notice of is diversifying their affiliate marketing portfolio.

The most popular method of affiliate marketing is the one time sale method. Resources such as Clickbank offer these products in droves and members are encouraged to pursue this option first because it’s the easiest to learn and implement.

However, once you understand this process and it becomes second nature consider branching out into other forms of making money with affiliate marketing. In this article, we’ll look at three of them and when all three are working for you in unison and are implemented correctly, get ready for a stream of profits coming at you from different directions.

Portal Feeder Affiliate Marketing Secrets

One Time Sale Product

The first is promoting a one time sale product such as you would find on Clickbank. As a starting point, these offer the best learning curve when you’re first venturing into affiliate marketing. The reason is, you really only need articles and web 2 sites to promote them initially.

By starting with article marketing and web 2 sites it will also give you an indication of whether the niche has a future in which you could then expand your marketing to include your own website and creating an opt in list. I usually start with a rush of promotion such as five articles and a couple of web 2 properties incorporating Blog Feeder submissions plus bookmarking, pinging and digging to ascertain whether there is an initial interest so I can expand my marketing.

You’ll know within the first couple of weeks whether it’s worth pursuing a niche starting this way and you need to be very objective. No sales and I move on. Even if you land some good results within the search engines without sales means there may not be a lot of money in that niche.

Recurring Commission Products

The next affiliate product you should consider is the one which offers a recurring commission. You can find these on Clickbank but I like to check with a service like http://lifetimecommissions.com

Recurring commission programs are like silent income builders and they can get under your guard a little in so far as they can quickly build up into a large sum of money landing in your bank accounts every month. Even if you have five of these making you $100 each a month that’s $500 a month and I’m talking conservatively here.

Even with continued low key promotion you can build a steady stream of sign ups. The way I like to promote these is with review sites or articles. It makes sense especially when people will often go looking for some edification or confirmation that they are making the right decision to join a program.

Seasonal Affiliate Products

The third is seasonal affiliate promotions. I’m talking Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Too many people overlook these and I don’t know why but they can be extremely profitable. The beauty of seasonal affiliate promotions is once you’ve created your online real estate and get some traction in the search engines you can normally maintain it because interest drops off once the season is over. And that property is already in place by the time it’s ready to do it all over again.

Two things though, create your web properties at least 3-4 months before the actual day and focus your marketing on specific products. Avoid themed marketing where you’re trying to push a million products on the one site. Target one product and create a themed set of web 2 properties around it and then do it again for another product.

Season affiliate marketing has become a heck of a lot easier today just because of web 2. They give you the ability to create web properties on the fly and the search engines rank them. Give them serious thought.

The Portal Feeder 3.0 doors will be opening again soon. For more great tips like the one above make sure to get on the Portal Feeder register list right now so you don’t “miss the bus.”

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