Visualization..Or shall we say meditation.

I was going through my library yesterday and browsing the titles of all the books I have in my collection.

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Something popped out of the library and struck me in the head. Meditation, or shall we say visualization. These two words seem to co-exist when it comes to metaphysics, or shall we say, the law of attraction.

All, not some, but all of the books that I have read on the law of attraction and metaphysics, say the same thing about using your mind to get what you want – “You must visualize what you want.” It struck me like in the head like a can of paint. They all say the same thing. Even Napoleon Hill said it. To attract what you want in life you have to know exactly what you want and visualize it.

With that said, I’d like to note that this is not an easy task. I mean, knowing what you want is quite simple. However, visualization and/or meditation takes some serious effort. I remember reading a book on the law of attraction that instructed me to set aside some quiet time every morning to sit down, close my eyes and visualize the life I would like to have. I also remember an internet marketing guru giving me this as a task to complete.

The instructions are simple. Set aside at least ten minutes every morning upon rising, close my eyes and see (even feel) the life I would like to have; I mean visualize everything in detail. In the movie “The Secret” Joe Vitale instructs to do the same. He even said that we should try to hear the sounds and capture the feelings we would have if we indeed had that “thing” we wanted.

If this isn’t meditation, then what is? I challenge you.

See if you can set aside ten minutes every morning of your life to meditate and/or visualize what it is you desire. Close your eyes and see it. Everyday. Don’t skip a day. Let me know exactly how many days you were able to complete this simple task. This is imperative in terms of law of attraction. Do it for at least a week. Once you do report back to me at let me know how many days you forgot to do it. Like I said, the task of meditating and/or visualizing is not the difficult part. It’s remembering to do it that becomes complicated.

I built a squidoo page on the subject. I invite you to join my challenge @

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