Tactically Positioning Ads to make money online

To make money with Google AdSense, it is not just inserting AdSense units into your blog/site that is important, but strategically placing them for utmost profitability. The location of your AdSense determines whether or not it’ll be clicked on by your visitors. If it’s not clicked on, then it’s useless. But you must understand that people are not robots and hate to feel used. They won’t click on just any ad just anywhere!

You have to be pragmatic here. Ask yourself, “Will I click on this if I see it on someone else’s site?” If you won’t, why will they? The following tips will be helpful in coupling your AdSense into your site strategically for utmost profitability.

1. From research, I’ve found that 336 X 280 Large Rectangle is the best paying ad of all. The best place for 336 X 280 Large Rectangle is at the top right corner of your blog for easy accessibility

2. Use relevant color palettes. Colors which blend into your content do better. This really helps to make money with Google AdSense since the ads simply looks like your regular text and not adverts

3. Strategically place ads in prominent places where it will be obvious and easily clicked by visitors on your site. One of the best of places is in-between your posts. Check out the article I published on how to insert AdSense units in-between your posts

4. Always make sure that the first ad unit is displayed in the best location on your site

5. It is also more advisable to pick the Text Only option instead of Text and Image option because the Text Only option does better in terms of ad performance than Text and Image option. However, the Text and Picture option adds some color and flavor to your blog sometimes. Of course, you will now have to decide your priority – picture or money

6. Be constructive. If you want to place an ad on the top of your page, immediately above the post for instance, a horizontal rectangle like the 728 X 90 Leaderboard format is most appropriate. If you want an ad on the side bar (right or left to your post – depending on your layout configuration), for instance, a 336 X 280 Large Rectangle and 160 X 600 Wide Skyscraper ads would be structurally perfect

One thing is certain, it’s not just what you do that counts, but how you do them. If following the six tips provided above will truly help you make money with Google AdSense with incredible profitability, won’t you go ahead and just do it?

You can never underestimate the importance of strategically locating AdSense if you truly want to make money online. Check out http://adsense-office.blogspot.com for related topics.

These tips are applicable to what is forex niche web sites as well.

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