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Nowadays lots of people are taking the route of making money online. They are inspired by many successful bloggers who make decent money every month like 6 figures income. These bloggers make money online without going out or running here and there. They just make their income from the comfort of their home. They just need a computer, internet connection and their knowledge that’s it.

But this new people who too wants to earn money online doesn’t know what procedure they should follow in order to make money online. They entered the blogging era but are confused and left with random route without any guidance. They don’t know that traffic is the main key to success of any kind of online business. No matter what kind of business you do, if you have huge decent traffic then you will surely get some traffic otherwise you will be left in the corner of the street.

Ok don’t worry. I will help you out from these your miserable journey to the route of success. I assume that you have created a blog and have written a decent article on your blog. Now you need to submit your blog to the major search engines in order to get indexed so that people can visit your blog and hence you too can make some money from these visitors. So these are the simple concepts we will do here. We will try to make money online from the visitors of our blog from the search engines. Don’t get confused with the ugly theory that you need to submit your blog to all types of search engines that exists in the Internet. You just try to submit to the 3 major search engines which attract 99% of the traffics all over the world in the Internet. Visit how to submit blog to Google, Msn and Yahoo search engines to get traffic to your blog.

So now wow! There are lots of traffic in our new blog. We will have to monetize it so that we can make some money from them. So what we will do is that we will create an account in bidvertiser and place some bidvertiser advertisements on our blog. So every time these visitors click the bidvertiser advertisement, we i.e., blog owner gets some commission for the click. If you are not aware of bidvertiser then don’t worry. Just remember that bidvertiser is the second best pay per click affiliate program after adsense. It’s called best alternative option for adsense. Anyway if you totally new we have a special blog where everything is discussed about the bidvertiser, how to use them, and how to make money online with bidvertiser

I hope you now know what to do in order to make money online. For briefing, let me share few more words. Just create a blog if possible make a blog related to business, money and create an account in bidvertiser, submit your blog. Put bidvertiser html code on the blog. These codes will show the related ads to the content. So every time someone clicks those ads, you make money online.

Find out how to get free traffic for your web sites in your niche.

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