Discover The Best Tips On How To create multiple streams of income

Ever wanted to make money online and work from home? This is most peoples ultimate dream. The hours of your choice, no more commuting, dealing with bosses and meeting ridiculous deadlines. You be the boss and live life on your terms.

Before you rush out and start you must consider your strengths and your weaknesses. You need to design a simple business model. Consider the strengths you can use to create profitable affiliate programs. Your weaknesses need identifying so that you can outsource those tasks.

Lets now have a look at how to you can make money from your new affiliate programs!

1) First You Need To Find 3- 5 Affiliate Programs That In Hot Demand

You should promote at least 3 – 5 affiliate programs in very similar niche areas as sales will fluctuate in each program and if one fails you still have others to rely on to make you money. You can simply redirect the links in your articles to new pages and all your article work will still work.

Go to and search the Marketplace in categories that interest you. Gravity is the best indication of products that are currently in demand. Stick to products with gravity over 100 and preferably over 200. The best products to earn income online pay 75% + for a sale and then have recurring future earnings. This allows you to compound

2) Create Blogs or Squidoo Lenses For These Affiliate Programs

Create simple informative blogs on these 5 niche topics. There are lots of great locations to easily create them in 10 – 20 minutes. Write the original content yourself, but if you can’t write it yourself, hire a ghostwriter to write a set of 5-10 articles for each blog. See my articles on how to write articles that make you money. The best content to write profitable articles about are product reviews, with customer testimonials. How-To- type articles are also very popular!

3) Drive Lots Of Traffic To These Blogs

Publish your articles in article directories and on your blogs. One fantastic way to generate a heap of high quality links from a few articles is to use an article traffic specialist. These free programs allow you to rotate multiple keywords, anchor texts and paragraphs to boost the quality and variety of your links. Using this system you could generate 50+ unique articles in hundreds of locations form your original 5-10 articles. A word of warning though – you still need to submit some of your articles to other article directories.

When Your On A Winner- its time to scale.

Scale Your Marketing by writing or outsourcing more articles. Ask for 2-3 versions of the title, introduction, conclusion and each paragraph. Submit them and spin them with article specialists . Start driving traffic with other methods like blogging, social book marking and all the other free and low cost marketing methods. Sign up for FREE at my freebies page and use the methods in my “12 Free and low cost marketing strategies”.

Create A Squeeze Page An Opt-In List
To make lots of money online you must learn to create Squeeze pages and opt-in lists.
You can view my Squeeze page and and make something similar to it after reading this article. Also get yourself a free opt-in form from one of the providers I use on my website.

As people opt in you initially save their email address into word or notepad and separate each with a comma. Have your newest email addresses at the end of the list. As you get bigger you can pay for a service to automate this task.

You will create free products or buy products you can give multiple copies away. This will get you hundreds and eventually thousands of people on your list. Once you have a big list your ability to make money online will kick into over-drive.

When you do eventually use these email lists to send out your offers, information or newsletters, be absolutely sure to Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) them and always send a copy to yourself so you can check for formatting issues. Your list will become the most profitable part of your business as it grows.

Here’s To Your Success
Matthew Connors

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