Get Important Info about Getting your blog indexed in search engines

Some people are so stupid that they even don’t know that they need visitors to their blog or website to make money. If they are new into this blogging world they have their excuse but still some people are there who knew this truth and they still think they can earn online without any visitors what a dumber. Anyway if you want to learn, you are most welcome you don’t need to ashamed of anybody. I will tell you some basic of getting your blog known to unknown people and let you earn some money online.

I suppose that you have a blog, it can as blogger blog also. After creating blogger blog and putting some good content. You need visitors to do any kind of business. It really doesn’t what business you tend to do but if you have targeted visitors, you will surely benefit it. The best targeted traffic comes from the search engines. I hope you know how to submit your blog to search engines and you get your blog indexed in search engines too. Now you have your main blog indexed. What will happen when you update your next post? Will it too get indexed or not. If yes then after how many days, months etc. Search engines visits new blog rarely so you need to tell them that hey visit my blog it has a new post. Come and indexed in your search engines. So this method is called pinging.

What I am going to tell you is the pinging method here. We have a special website here which informs the search engines that your blog have a new blog posts. So you should Submit blog to Pingomatic whenever you update New Posts for your own benefit because if it shows up in search engines and other directories and other social networks, you will have more visitors and your business will grow. So isn’t it a cool method. It’s all for free. Experiment it.

We have discussed enough about submitting blogs. Let’s now see how we can earn money online with these blogs. So we are getting visitors no doubt, that’s too targeted visitors. Now what are the possible options, we can try out pay per click affiliate programs. We have adsense and bidvertiser. Adsense is good but are very strict and have very high payout so people goes for bidvertiser which is the best alternative to adsense and they are less strict plus the payout is also very low which can be reach within months easily. So it’s better you too opt bidvertiser pay per click affiliate program. If you are new to bidvertiser. You would surely need help and how things work and how to make work for you. Isn’t it, don’t work. Everything is written for you. Just visit make money online with bidvertiser if you want to earn money online.

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