Discover Incredible Tips Regarding On-page Search Engine Optimization

I’ve always emphasized the importance of having great content. Your content should be a very interesting grapevine for the community of your chosen niche, and not a lifeless fact sheet. However, no matter how mouth-watering your content is, if there is nobody to read it, it won’t make you a cent. Traffic is the heart of your blog especially if you really want to make money with Google AdSense. In order to attract people, you must simply offer compelling information. However, to get traffic onto your site, you have to think backwards. Where do people look when they need information? Of course they search using search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, to name just a few popular ones.

So, to direct these people to your blog, your blog needs to rank high on search result pages of these search engines. When people search for information through the search engines and see your site among the top results, they will naturally click through to your blog! The art of getting your blog or website onto high rankings on search result pages is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It could be quite a complex subject to master, but that doesn’t stop us from learning simple yet effective techniques to conquer the search results for certain keywords.More complex techniques are usually needed to fight for very competitive and general keywords such as “make money”, but I’ll teach you how to overcome that later. For now, let’s determine the keywords that you want to optimize your site for. For instance, your blog says make money. Now, you’d want to check in Google whether it is a very competitive keyword. As of now, there are 227,000,000 search results. Do you think you can beat 227,000,000 sites at your first attempt? I doubt it.

Now, let’s try to narrow down our scope. Let’s look for “Make Money with Google AdSense” instead. Right now Google lists 3,440,000 results. That’s more understandable, but you’d like to search for more focused keywords. However, let’s optimize your blog to Make Money with Google AdSense just for the sake of learning.

First, you have to pay attention to the title of your blog. Since you’re optimizing to Make Money with Google AdSense you need to have that exactphrase in your blog title. For example, a line like “Learn How to Make Money with Google AdSense!” would work fine.

You can alterthe title of your blog in the Blogger control panel or the WordPress blog when you’re creating it. If you’re proficient with HTML, you can even do that on other blog engines like Movable Type. What is the bottom line? Your page heading should also contain the term you’re optimizing for. Additionally, you should ‘sprinkle’ the words “Google AdSense” in your posts whenever possible.

The frequency of that phrase in your blog hints the search engines that your blog is really relevant to that topic. However, this is the most important bit of all. Always be conscious that you’re writing for real life people who read your blog to obtain information, so it is very dumb to spam your blog with keywords! In fact, if you do that, the search engines will end up thinking you’re spamming and drop your ranking further down into oblivion. Hence write for humans, not search engines!

There’s no way you can make money online if you don’t realize how SEO works!

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