Free Important Tips About How to Create Bidvertiser Account

Hi friends, nowadays we can see that lots of people are trying to make money online. Most of them are sticking to the adsense only for making money online through blog. But due to some reason people get banned or ditch by adsense. So those people can opt for bidvertiser because bidvertiser is the best alternative to the adsense. After all, bidvertiser has a very good and fast payment processor too. So I will be teaching the newbie Create bidvertiser account

Creating an account in bidvertiser is a very easy process. You just need to follow some of the simple steps which even a small kid can do plus I am going to baby sit you for a while. Ok anyways here’s the step to create bidvertiser account. Follow them without failure.

1. First visit website.
2. In the bidvertiser website, you will see a web publisher, click on the button called “Click Now – It’s Free”.
3. A new form will come out. You just need to fill them, read the instruction because it’s quite easy Ito follow; even a small kid can do it.
4. After filling the form, click on the button called “Get Activation Code”. They will send you an activation code on the email that you provided while filling up the form.
5. Now open the email and copy the activation code and paste in on the box which is just below the button called “Get Activation code”.
6. Now there are four statements, checked box all of them and click on the button called “continue”.
7. After clicking on the continue button, it will take you to another form where you will need to submit your blog (where you want to place bidvertiser code).
8. In the first box below labeled called “Bidvertiser Titles”. Write any name like if you want to place bidvertiser ad on sidebar, then write sidebar etc, if you want to place in top page then write it top page etc. So that you can track them later.
9. On the box below labeled “URL of your website” – submit your blog URL.
10. Ignore the third option and choose the English as a language in then fourth option.
11. In the last section, you have to choose main category and sub category for your blog.
12. In the main category, choose the best category one according to your blog theme. Like if my blog is “Make Money Online with Bidvertiser” then I will choose the “Business” category.
13. In the subcategory, for the same “Make Money Online with Bidvertiser Blog”, I will choose “Small Business Resource”.
14. After that click on the button called “Finish”.

So now you have successfully created you first bidvertiser account. Congratulations to you.

I hope the post on how to create bidvertiser account was easy for you to understand.

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